Vampires Can Cry && Vampires Can Love
BY SatansSister. Otherwise known as CYNTHIA!!! WOO HOOT OH YEAH!!!!!!!!
Chapter Three: Kissing and Wishing, Reminiscing and Missing

Jakob reacted almost immediately, placing a hand on the back of her head and kissing back gently, both of their eyes closed. They heard giggling and the pitter-patter of feet running from the room and Callie pulled away with realization that she had just kissed a vampire willingly. She looked into his eyes with horror and covered her mouth with her hands, running from the room, and back to his, the one she had almost been raped by two vampires, she reminded herself. She opened the tall window near the bed and sat on the ledge. She gazed up at the dark, starry sky that looked so much like it had that one night….

TEN YEAR OLD CALLIE SCREAMED at the sight she saw. A tall, beautiful vampire stood with his hands holding her father's head up. His mouth was around his throat, draining the blood from him, killing him slowly. "Callie…" He choked out. "I love…you, hon…honey…" He said and grew silent. His eyes glazed over and rolling back into his head, his body falling limply to the floor. The vampire put his hands to his side and turned his head towards Callie and her mother, whom was holding her tightly against her chest, a smirk playing across his lips. Callie peeked up from her hiding place against her mom's shirt and saw a brown haired, green eyed vampire and whimpered. He had her father's blood dripping from his mouth and when he grinned her eyes widened at his blood stained elongated fangs. "Aw, is the wittle girl scared?" He said mockingly, walking towards them. Her mother wrapped her arms even more tightly around her daughter.

"Don't touch her!" Her mom screamed, crying. Callie didn't really know what to think except that her dad was dead and it was all this man's fault.

"Oh, but I am still hungry…" The man said in a dark voice, laced with a sweet tone. Callie would know later in her life he had 'seduced' her mother into giving up her blood. Her mother let her arms go limp and stood up, her daughter falling out of her lap. She walked towards the man, who took her in his arms and bit her, drinking most of her blood. Then he bit his wrist deep and held it up to her mom's mouth, making her drink his blood. That was when Callie started screaming again, tears streaming down her face, crying out.

"Mom! Dad…please!" She cried out to no one. She clenched her eyes shut and rocked back and forth, willing everything to be just a dream. But when she opened her eyes, instead of seeing her parents alive and well, she saw the man's face less than six inches away from hers and smirking cruelly. She saw him lower his head to her neck and couldn't move, frozen with her fright. She whimpered as his cold lips met her skin and his sharp fangs pierced her, then after a single sharp pain and the funny taste in her mouth she fell asleep.

A tear fell from her eyes and she leaned her head against the window frame. 'I'm a three quarter vampire now…because that stupid vampire bit me so many years ago…and Jakob bit me tonight…FUCKING WONDERFUL! I've turned into what killed my father, what drove my mother insane! I'm my own enemy!' She thought, glaring at the blackness. 'I don't deserve to live anymore. Not like this. Not as what I am.' She thought angrily, looking up at the sky again. "Dad? Are you up there–can you hear me? I miss you…" She whispered quietly, another tear falling. She looked down at the ground, four tall stories down at the beautiful garden below her. She let herself slip from the window, but felt a tug on her arm and her body stopped falling downwards. She gazed up to see Jakob looking down at her, his eyes showing sincere concern. He pulled her up and she stayed silent, even as he held her in his arms with his back to the window and kissed her forehead.

"Do you really want to die?" He asked softly. She looked up at him with emotionless eyes.

"No, I don't want to die," She said. "But I can't live like this!" She pushed away from him, turning away and facing the wall, her bottom lip trembling. She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

"Like what?" He asked and she didn't answer. She turned around and walked back towards him and looked up at him. Their eyes met.

"I can't love you," She whispered shakily. "A vampire…killed my father…drove my mother insane…and turned me into something I didn't want to be….and yet, I do…I do love you but I don't want to." She said and he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her forehead again.

"I'm not like that vampire," He said sincerely. "I promise you…that I will never in my lifetime try to hurt you or who you love. I promise." He leaned down and placed his lips against hers and she pressed back. She pulled away and leaned her head against his shoulder. 'God, I hope he's not lying…please don't let him be lying…' She thought silently, closing her eyes and putting her hand on his chest, feeling a faint heartbeat. 'A living what am I? The other vampire was the walking dead kind. God…I hate this!' She thought, sighing. 'But I love Jakob,' He put a hand on the back of her head, the two of them cherishing that moment for a few minutes then broke away. "Are you still hungry?" He asked. She hadn't thought about it since their first kiss but now, upon hearing it, she was. She nodded. He took her hand in his and she followed him down to the dining room again. This time there was food on the table and she took her pick of it while he did the same. They sat closer to each other–side by side, their knees touching.

Half an hour before the sun would be high in the sky, Jakob and Callie walked back up to his room. He closed all the windows and curtains and locked the door, "so John couldn't get in" and get to Callie, and changed into sleeping clothes in the bathroom. Callie chose to simply wear what she wore now, and slipped her shoes off, sitting on the bed and thought of earlier. She could have died and all her suffering would have been over earlier because she knew the happiness she was experiencing at the moment wouldn't last very long. Something bad would happen and she'd be wishing for death once again. It's what always happened.

Jakob walked out and sat next to her, disrupting her thoughts. He wore black baggy pants and a white tee-shirt, that somewhat showed off his body, and that's when Callie noticed the scars going up both of his arms. They were pinkish-white against his pale skin and went horizontally across his arms. Callie looked at them with curiosity in her eyes, sadness, and Jakob didn't notice she was looking at his arms. He asked her if she was sure she was okay with staying okay in the room with him and she replied with a, "yeah." But she was a little uneasy about it, remembering what had happened earlier with him and then with his brother. She told herself it would never happen again and lay next to Jakob, who wrapped an arm around her waist. He kissed her on the side of her mouth and whispered, "You look good in my clothes." She smiled and closed her eyes, both of them falling asleep. She was used to the routine of a vampire by now.

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