Chapter 7

"Where are we going to?" Quinton asked following Jonathan down the hall.

"I want to show you something." Jonathan said going through a set of double doors.

"OK. Why are we in the lab?" Quinton questioned wondering what his partner was up to.

"Because, look at this." Jonathan held up an exact replica of the pearl.

"It looks exactly the same as the pearl." He answered amazed.

"Yeah, I had it done when you were going through the files." Jonathan shrugged with his arms across his chest.

"Wow." Quinton held it up to the light, "perfect."

"Yeah, so my plan was this; we meet him, give him the pearl, and while you are held hostage the CIA will arrest him when he flees to Russia. The switch will be the easy part, but we have all of his destinations mapped out." Jonathan explained the plan to him.

"Sound good, but what about me?" He kinked an eyebrow at him, "Am I supposed to rot in some grave he puts me in." Quinton replied with mock seriousness.

"Quinton…" Jonathan started and then realized Quinton was joking. "You're hysterical man, a real jokester."

"In all serious, do you think it'll work?" Quinton ran a hand through his hair and sighed heavily.

"Man it is three in the morning and that was the best I could come up with." Jonathan yawned, "If you have something better, then please, let's hear it."

"Alright when he calls we'll put that plan into action." Quinton took the pearl and headed back into his office. Then he stopped and turned back to him, "Oh, go buy Leanne coffee." He then proceeded back to his office.

Jonathan quirked an eyebrow at him, "She's probably not interested."

"Make her be, I'll be on my couch." Quinton yelled back not looking back at his partner who was shaking his head.

Sleeping came in sprits and nightmares were constant. When they said that going in the CIA would put a threat on the ones he loved, they were telling the truth. Quinton knew he was going to get Alisa out alive, if had to die to do it.

"Quinton, get up! He's on the line." Jonathan shoved the phone to his ear and Quinton immediately sat up.

"Quinton, did you figure out what I want?" The man asked on the other end of the line.

"Yes, and you have what I want." Quinton almost sneered into the phone.

"Let's make a trade. I'm here so come and find me, but I won't wait long. Four hours Quinton and then your precious girl dies. Just for fun…" The man then put the phone on speaker and a girl in the background was moaning. "Did you hear that?" He gave a dark laugh and the line went static.

Quinton was breathing hard and Jonathan had to nudge him. "Let's not waste time." Jonathan told his friend slash partner. They quickly gathered their equipment together and called a crew to be prepared. It would take more than two men to pull off this assignment and they were fully aware of that.

Alisa was bound hand and foot to an old, musty bed in a dilapidated barn far from CIA headquarters. "What is going on?" She demanded thinking that there had to be a way to get out of the barn.

"I'm waiting for your lover to give me back my jewels Until then, it's just you and me kitten." The dark Hindu man hissed raking a finger down her cheek to her collarbone.

Alisa shivered from the fear coursing through her veins, "And what happens to me?" She questioned with her voice quivering.

"One guess sweetcheeks." The man looked over her body with a lust filled gaze. Alisa began to squirm and scream, but when stopped short when he backhanded her across the face. She whimpered and knew that her predicament was helpless. The man got up from his seat and took a match out of his pocket.

"I hope you don't mind the heat." He laughed devilishly before lighting the match and setting it down on the wall by the door.

"Noo!" Alisa's vocals chords ached from the screams escaping her.

"Where is this place?" Quinton demanded as Jonathan drove the black Lincoln. "Why can't we find it?" He hit the dashboard with his fist and then almost fainted when he saw a barn on fire. The flames licked the sides of the barn and Quinton knew that Alisa was in there. When they pulled up to the barn Quinton jumped out and ran towards it. "Oh God, no!" He screamed and Jonathan ran after him.

"Quinton, you can't run in there after her or we'll have two dead bodies." Jonathan yelled sternly trying to maintain his friend while dialing 911.

"Let go of me! She's in there." Quinton struggled to get free and was successful. Jonathan jogged after him while on the phone.

"QUINTON!" Jonathan looked on as his friend plunged into the burning barn.

"Jesus, if you're listening, I'm so sorry I didn't listen to Quinton. Hell is real, Heaven is real, and you are real. Forgive me Jesus, I'm sorry for not believing in you." Alisa cried out in agony, "Please forgive me of all of my sins." After she prayed those words, relief flooded her body like water. The pain was still unbearable, but she felt peace and comfort.

"Jesus, I'm coming home. Let Quinton know how much I loved him." Alisa felt herself black out and didn't fight it.

Quinton barged into the half fallen in barn with Jonathan at his heels. They looked around for Alisa and saw a figure on the left corner of the barn. Running towards her beam fell and landed on Jonathan's leg. "Don't worry about me, get Alisa!" He yelled over the roar of the fire.

Quinton rushed to Alisa's side and scooped her up in his arms, and laid her outside in the grass. He heard sirens closing in on them and went back in to get Jonathan. Quinton's hands burned with blisters as he pushed the scorching beam off Jonathan. He got Jonathan out of the barn just as the entire thing collapsed. Quinton heard coughing that sounded like Alisa's voice and went to her side.

"Quinton?" Alisa said barely above a whisper, her voice was weak.

"I'm here honey." Quinton pulled her up in her arms and held her tightly. He was never letting her go again and she left he was going with her.

"I…" Alisa tried to squeak out the words, but was shushed.

"Don't try to speak, you are going to the hospital, and when you get better we can talk later." He smiled kissing her forehead. Then he went over to where Jonathan was sitting coughing up smoke.

"Hey man." Jonathan choked out, "The next time I have to save your butt, I am not eating smoke!" He smirked at him.

"I'm sorry." Quinton chuckled, but was sincere.

"We make a good batman and robin," Jonathan attempted to laugh, but ended up choking.

"Dude just shut up for a while," Quinton smacked him on the back.

"For the record, I'm glad you got her back." Jonathan motioned towards Alisa, "I was getting sick of your hound dog ways."

"My hound dog ways?" Quinton quirked an eyebrow at him amused. He laughed as the ambulance came and the EMTs got them cleaned up.