The Childish Way

Running barefoot

Dirty feet

Goofy laughs

No defeat

Bright smiles

Warm embraces

Small kisses

Imagined places

Sparkly fairies

White shining knights

Frog princes

Faces so bright

Vanilla ice cream

Chocolate syrup

Lots of messes

Time to clean-up

Chalk boards

And outlined dreams

Wonder flows

Love streams

Hot coco in winter

Flowers in spring

Waterfalls in places

Ears always ring

Basketball Hoops

Big soccer balls

Bloody boo-boos

Coming from falls

Dances for stranger

Timid? Yeah, right

They always let themselves loose

Until they say, "Night."

But that was the time

The time before pride

The time before we learned

There are places to hide

It was the time when we were free

A time when we could relax

Before all confusions:

New ideas, and tax

Now we are different

From the way we should be

Far from the way that God

Created us to be

Live your life to the fullest

Each and every day

Remember to drop your pride

And try living the childish way