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Fun is a Four Letter Word

Stop it, Elizabeth immediately admonished herself as she gripped the steering wheel nervously. If anything goes wrong, just blame Amy. She's the one who ditched you, twice now, and both times you ended up with this guy. Anything goes wrong, it's clearly her fault.

Amy hadn't talked her into the little adventure Elizabeth found herself embarking on. She hadn't encouraged, hadn't agreed, she hadn't even suggested. Amy did what Amy always does; make bland little comments as you rage on a tangent about God knows what, until you've entirely convinced yourself what you're about to do is right.

"I'm sick of men!" Elizabeth had proclaimed after a night out at the bar.

"How can you be?" Amy asked, tossing herself face down on her bed. "You got so many free drinks tonight; you should be in love with them all." The sound of Amy's voice was now muffled and dull in her pillow.

Elizabeth signed and flicked on the radio. An old alternative tune from the late 90's immediately enveloped the room. Turning the volume down slightly, Elizabeth plopped in a chair and began drumming her fingers to the beat. "That's the point," she said finally. "You know? Does it ever occur to a guy that a girl doesn't always just go to a bar to get hit on, and might actually only be there to hang out with her best friend and drink?"

Amy looked up and craned her neck towards her friend. "Yes. But free drinks tonight," she emphasized.

Elizabeth laughed. "I know, I know. I suppose that's a perk." Amy gave her a pointed look. "It's definitely a perk," she finally admitted. "But it still bothers me that every guy there wanted to take me home."

"Mugs didn't," Amy offered.

"Yes, but Mugs also told me straight off he was too drunk to get it up," Elizabeth replied. "And then he bought me a drink 'just in case he was ready tomorrow night.'"

Amy dropped her head to the pillow again and muffled a laugh. "All right!" She cried out, lifting her head to the skies. "You win. Men suck."

"They do!" Elizabeth cried. "You know what? I'm giving up on men."

"Oh please," Amy moaned. "Please don't tell me you're turning over to the…"

"Oh God no!" Elizabeth said quickly. "Please. I'm just…I'm not even going to have a boyfriend for a little while. I'm just all done for now."

"That doesn't sound a lot like fun," Amy replied sleepily. Bland comment number one.

"Okay, well, maybe I do deserve some fun," Elizabeth said thoughtfully.

"Everybody does." Bland comment number two.

"So maybe," Elizabeth struggled to come up with a thought. "Maybe it's just…I deserve to have fun, right? But it's not fun to go out with your best friend, try to catch up on the week's events, and have a hoard of guys hitting on you and trying to get in your pants all night, right? So maybe…I'll pick the guy."

"So boyfriend?" Bland comment number three.

"No," Elizabeth replied. "No. The last one was too much trouble and took up too much time."

"They do," Amy said as her eyes began closing. Bland comment number four.

"Exactly," Elizabeth agreed, settling herself more comfortably in the chair and running a hand over her eyes. "So just fun. I'll pick the guy and have fun with him."

"I like sex," Amy replied, the last thing she said before falling asleep. Bland comment number five.

"Me too," Elizabeth whispered, before falling asleep as well. Screwed.

Elizabeth slammed her car door shut, turning towards the red BMW in front of her with new resolve. She smiled at Danny as he exited his car, and held out her hand. He approached her with an air of cool calmness, smiling back. He silently took her hand and led her up the front steps to the door of the apartment house. He released her hand to fiddle with his key ring, looking up once or twice to smile at her as he searched for the key.

"Maybe you have too many keys," Elizabeth finally suggested with a wry grin.

"I'm not throwing off your momentum, am I?" Danny teased.

Elizabeth tossed her hair behind her shoulders. "Who said anything about there being momentum?"

"Hmmm," Danny replied. "I believe the words 'fun' and 'momentum' are nearly synonymous."

Elizabeth blinked in mock surprise. "Synonymous? My, that's a large word."

"I can spell it too," Danny winked. "Is that what turns you on?"

Elizabeth laughed, and Danny finally got the right key. Smoothing her t-shirt down her stomach, she reflected quickly on her current state. Definitely did not throw off any momentum, she thought.

Elizabeth and Danny fell out of their light banter as she followed him up a few flights of stairs. Danny shook his key ring once they reached his door, baiting Elizabeth to think he didn't know which one to use.

"Oh please," Elizabeth finally said, rolling her eyes.

"You're cute when you do that," Danny said.

"Do what?" Elizabeth asked.

"Roll your eyes at me," Danny replied. "And smirk. Give me that 'you're such a dumbass look.'"

"Is that your thing?" Elizabeth teased.

"I'm way smarter than that, baby," Danny replied. Opening the door, he beckoned her inside. "C'mon in, Ellie."

"Do I get the grand tour?" Elizabeth asked, biding her time. Let's go already, her head and body were telling her, but she couldn't stop her mouth from moving.

Danny paused. "Hang on a second," he said, and disappeared down a hallway.

Elizabeth sighed and tugged at the hem of her t-shirt. Great, she thought with some frustration.

Danny bounded up the hallway again, the smug smile gone and replaced with a softer one. "You ready?" he asked softly, pushing a lock of hair out of her face.

Elizabeth burst out with laughter, throwing her head back. She chuckled again at his bewildered look, and replied in a husky voice, "you get me all the way up here and have to ask me if I'm ready? I thought you've done this before, Dan."

Danny smirked. "Huh. No one's called me Dan before and lived to see the next day." His fingers lingered on her temple, before stroking down her cheek and jaw, before cupping the back of her neck. He leaned down and touched his mouth to hers, softly at first, then applied more pressure.

Elizabeth arched her back, pressing her belly against him and wrapping her arms around her neck. She deepened the kiss, opening her mouth slightly, before pulling back. "No one's called me Ellie and lived to see the next day either, so I guess we're both doing well."

"I didn't know our evening consisted of more conversation," Danny replied gruffly, not hiding a hint of aggravation.

Elizabeth laughed again, tugging lightly at his t-shirt as she walked around him and headed towards the hallway. "I thought 'conversation' and 'fun' were synonymous," she retorted.

Danny was about to reply when her blue t-shirt hit him in the face. "Touche," he muttered, following her. "Do you even know where you're going?"

"The room you just tidied up," her voice floated up the hallway. "Thanks, by the way, but I should hope it's something you'd help me not notice."

She was standing in his bedroom, halfway between the doorway and the bed, still wearing her jeans, boots, and bra. The moonlight slid across her skin, creating tantalizing shadows between her breasts that Danny had an uncontrollable urge to taste. "Let's see," Danny replied, moving towards her again.

Elizabeth moved away from him slowly, grinning. "Didn't you want to talk some more?"

Danny caught her this time, pinning her arms behind her back. "Yes," he replied softly, before grabbing her lips in a kiss again.

Elizabeth ran her hands up into his hair, enjoying the softness under her palms and between her fingers as she opened her mouth, this time to his tongue. She closed her eyes as he eased her onto the bed, balancing his weight expertly above her. She slid her hands under his t-shirt, feeling the muscles in his back move as they tightened and released with each touch of her hand and stroke of his tongue. She pulled it up over his head, sighing and dropping her head into the mattress as his hands explored over then under her bra. She pushed him up, reaching behind and unclasping it. Danny kneeled, straddling her lap, and eased the straps of her bra down her arms and removing it before pushing her back down, hands moving to her jeans.

Elizabeth gasped as his hand slid beneath her panties, fingers expertly exploring. The sensations of his tongue in her mouth and fingers creating the same motions elsewhere quickly became nearly overwhelming, and she held back the desire to cry out. Danny removed his hand, and Elizabeth moaned in disappointment.

Danny smiled at her outburst. "Wait," he whispered.

"Don't tell me to wait," Elizabeth snapped, not without a smile, before flipping him onto his back and wrapping her legs around his lower legs, trapping him beneath her. Her hands deftly unbuttoned his jeans as she began kissing him again, and soon she had his pants down to his knees. She pushed his pants off the rest of the way with her feet, hands eager to explore.

Danny laughed. "God, if only I had a foot fetish…" he started before Elizabeth closed her mouth over his bottom lip.

"Shut up," she muttered, her hands now working over him, applying pressure and releasing, stroking him up and down.

Danny took her hands and flipped her over once more. "Wait," he said softly again. He began teasing her breasts with expert fingers, probing and pinching in just the right way. He stroked his palms downwards over her hips, lightly caressing her midsection.

Finally unable to take it anymore, Elizabeth broke a kiss with Danny. "Stop telling me to fucking wait and just do it!" She cried.

Danny fumbled for the handle of the bedstand drawer, finally removing a condom. Easing it on, he lowered himself over her and slowly slid inside of her.

"More," she whispered. He moved somewhat deeper now, still slowly stroking his way in and out. "More," she said, louder now. "Come on, Danny." She cried out in aggravation at the smug smile she saw on his face. "Danny!"

Danny lowered his mouth to hers again, this time finally giving her what she wanted. Elizabeth's head spun and she could hear him calling "Ellie" somewhere out in the fog surrounding her. She arched and moved beneath him, moaning intermittently as she struggled to catch her breath. "God damn," she heard herself saying somewhere in the distance.

"Ellie," Danny's voice sounded somewhere over her. An explosion of light burst behind her eyes, and Elizabeth was overtaken by the rush of sensations throughout her body. The full weight of Danny's body finally rested over hers, and they remained that way for a few moments, their breathing becoming shallower and shallower. Danny finally got up and walked quickly to the bathroom. "Make yourself comfortable, I'll be right back."

Elizabeth nodded, tugging at the now rumpled comforter. Shoving it off the bed, she slipped under the sheets. Elizabeth stretched and buried her face in the pillow she had found. A thought passed, deep in her mind, wondering what Danny would do next. The thought was interrupted by a sudden and comforting sleep.

Elizabeth remembered waking up the morning after her conversation with Amy. She was twisted and contorted in the overstuffed easy chair that was usually covered with clothes and papers from school. Her body ached and her joints felt stiff; it had been truly an uncomfortable and uneasy sleep. She had felt completely unrested and exhausted, but her mind felt at peace. She, with the help of Amy's half-hearted commentary, had finally come to terms with what she wanted; just pure, no-strings-attached fun. The stiff neck had been worth it.

Elizabeth awoke this time with opposite effects; her body was totally relaxed. She felt looser than she had in a long time, and a new sort of energy was coursing through her veins. Her body awoke feeling ready for the day, but her mind was anything but at ease. She noticed that Danny had pulled the sheets up comfortably over her, and placed a blanket on top of her as well. She felt warmth emanating from somewhere close behind her, and she slowly turned to see Danny lying on his back. His chest rose and fell softly in his sleep, and Elizabeth wondered if that made it easier. She slowly slid out from under the blankets and began collecting her clothes.

"Hey," she heard Danny say behind her. Turning, she saw him leaning up on one elbow.

"Hey," she smiled.

"Sneaking out?" He said, the teasing smile returning to his mouth.

Elizabeth turned to where her jeans were laying on the floor, closing her eyes as the image of what that same mouth had done to her just the night before passed through her mind. "Not without my clothes," she said in what she hoped was a joking tone. "Have you seen my underwear?"

"Yeah, I took them," Danny replied. "I like to keep a collection." Dropping onto his back and throwing an arm over his eyes, he extended the other and pointed to her left. "Over there."

"Thanks," Elizabeth said, walking over and quickly placing them on.

"Hey Ellie," Danny said, sitting up. "Let's go grab some breakfast."

"Oh, I don't think so," Elizabeth said. "I really better be going."

"Come on, Ellie," Danny cajoled. "Just because you only wanted a little bit of fun, doesn't mean you can't have eggs."

"I don't like eggs," Elizabeth replied, turning to Danny and smiling. "I have an early morning class."

"Okay, pancakes then," Danny relented. "I have the morning off, let's just go to the diner down the street."

"Um," Elizabeth mulled it over in her head, before pulling on her t-shirt. Finally, she walked over to the bedstand, where she found a scrap of paper and a pen. "Here, I'll leave you my number. I guess…call me sometime."

Danny nodded. "Sure," he said. "You sure I can't convince you to skip class, just this once?"

Elizabeth smiled wryly. "I get the feeling it's never just once with you, is it?"

Danny laughed. "Have a good day, Ellie. Let me know if you're feeling the need for donuts later."

"I will," Elizabeth replied. "I'll just see myself out, okay?"

Danny threw his legs over the bed, the sheet thankfully draping over his lap. "Sure, Ellie. Whatever you say."

Elizabeth had four missed calls from Amy, all from the night before. She hit redial, and Amy immediately began badgering her.

"Where the hell have you been?" Amy finally ended her rant with. Elizabeth had missed everything leading up to that point.

"Where do you think?"

"Oh God," Amy breathed. "Oh man. Tell me everything."

"Well, I'd blame you for my newfound lease on life," Elizabeth started, then trailed off.

"But what?" Amy asked insistently. "I know there's a but in there somewhere."

"A very cute one," Elizabeth teased. "But you know how much I hate to give away credit when something great happens."

"Oh God," Amy groaned. "I hate you. I really hate you right now."

Elizabeth, for the millionth time in the past two days, laughed.

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