The Faded Scent of Perfume

The night may be over

The pain may be gone

The sun may be shining

Yes, it may be a dawn

But the shadow still lurks

Her perfume is still there

She still thinks she's blameless

She still doesn't care.

Even with my eyes open

Without the nightmare piercing me

I still smell the scent of perfume

That day I can still see

The hallway's air is cool

It makes me close my eyes

Forget all of my problems

Forget all of the whys

Although it doesn't bother me

The memory with me remains

And yet my mother has no clue

That these scars, to her, pertain

But I will let the fresh air cleanse me

I let it purify the marks

I let it shed good light into my soul

I let a fire for God spark

The faded scent of perfume will stay

But I will be set free

I will walk down the hallways without fear

And I will be the real me.