I chew innocently enough on my fingers, watching half curios as Kelsey rummages through her old box of dolls. Picking out people, pieces of people.

I reach my hand into the box, the other still in my mouth.

I pull out a naked Kelly doll. Her arms are up, it's kind of pathetic. I look back into the box, dig around and pull out a tiny Kelly dress covered in tiny flowers.

I put the dress on her, she hasn't stop smiling, and I want her to stop. She's mocking me.

"Are these all the dolls you have?" I ask around my fingers.

"I think…" She has a wedding dress in her hand. I am jealous.

"Do you have a Ken?"

"No." She picks at the fringes of the dress.

I reword the question, "Do you have a boy doll?" Half a boy doll? Poor impotent Ken…

She looks at me, not smiling, not like Kelly. "I used to, but he melted…"

Melted? I wonder, "…Cool…"

Kelsey brushes Barbie's hair.

"It's sad…" I mutter. "They look so nice, they don't even realize that the groom has melted."

"Yeah…" She agrees, placing Barbie back on the floor. She has no shoes. No need for shoes I suppose…

"They should stop smiling." I resist the urge to place Kelly's head in my mouth. How would she taste?

"Yes." Kelsey agrees, "They should stop smiling."

Ken got his family back that night, the smell hovers in Kelsey's room for days.