Don't Forget, To Remember Me

Don't forget to remember me

When the nights are long,

When the days are empty of song,

When the ocean is dull and void,

Listen to the whispering wind,

Speaking soft nothings in your ear.

Don't forget to remember she

Who hopes again to hear,

Who hopes again to see,

Some distant day – your ship, your sail

– On the horizon.

Don't forget

When your ship sails thru'

I'll be here

Keeping a flame undashed by the tides of time.

Don't forget to remember me

As you tread uncharted waters,

Challenging the untold

Sailing those Seven Seas!

I'm no simple lass who's gone and given her heart

Some say, too freely

I'm no idling woman,

Waiting for a man to come and set thing aright.

I never gave it (my heart) you see,

It was stolen, so you'd best remember me.

Stolen, thieved, pilfered,

To this day, that's what I'll say.

…I never gave it away.

When the tides see fit,

They'll send you back.

We have a pact, your Sea and I,

She's wild and winsome your sometime-mistress

She can keep you but a while,

Before your heart will heave you back,


Where you belong,

Be it by way of fair-winds or foul-storm!

Ere long the Sea will toss you a-land,

And you'll be mine for a time.

Whence again her call echoes in your soul,

Her song a sirens melody to your sailors' ears,

With abiding grace I'll let you go,

Surrender to your Sea,

I'll have played my part,

Knowing this –

With me stays your heart.

On the morrow I'll watch the morning tides,

Wanting to hear your voice, to see your face, feel your unbridled caress,

As lips brush mine in a passion of fire and flame.

How I wish –

If luck is with me, I'll see your sails,

Brilliant and black, flapping in the wind,

No matter how far you roam,

To the edge of this world or beyond!

The Sea never fails,

To send you home.

I ask only one thing of you,

When you sail back into her arms,

Powerless to resist her charms,

Her restless tide, that in a part of you resides.

I ask only one thing,

As I set you free!

Don't forget, to remember me.