You move with the feeling of apparitions,

Soft against your throat,

With no constant emissions

Of dust, or breath or words or phrase,

You just revoke the words on your paper,

Never stopping to think how the invisibility seems,

And then all the while your conscience you taper,

Without stopping to think how beauty's divine

And can never be changed,

Never stopping to think who you've robbed,

Or what you've now arranged.

It could be as simple as nothing at all,

But it's hard to tell when your senses are completely forgot,

(Seemingly hopeless)

While she pretends to tell you you're something you're not,

And ears absorb lies and turn them to truth,

Making clouds weigh heavy,

An eye for and eye, a tooth for a tooth.

But this time it's different,

This time she knows,

What you're doing:

What direction the wind blows.

You were always told to do something right,

But isn't this what love's all about?

How you seem so hopelessly restless

Filled with immense amounts of self-produced doubt?

But you're sure this time that this is for real,

While your hands touch


what they allegedly need to feel,

After you're done you can tell it to the sky,

And when your mouth finally closes, its ears will seal,

And so sadly it seems that your deal with the rain,

Won't ever be something worth investing your trust,

Because why would you love her?

You're obsessed with just lust.

And now she predicts your every move,

As your hand travel down,

You can't recognize yet,

But she surrendered her frown,

Which you tossed out as nothing; it's worthless, it's nothing at all

But to her it was everything, something she adored,

And now since you stole it

It can never be restored

Not by means of putting the words back on paper,

Or telling your conscience to rip its tapered seams,

To her there's no solution,

But in your heart, hope beams

Because there will always be another soul,

Naïve and susceptible to your God-awful curse,

And after you're done you again can forever disperse.