A/N: Something I wrote last year too. I'm just uploading some old material that I still like. Let see... this WAS an introduction to a story I was going to write. But instead, it came out as a oneshot. lol. So yeah, enjoy. xxx


It's funny how you think your the only race in the 21st century. Humans, pfft . Always think your the best, but do you ever wonder about those people in the Looney bins ? Surely you have, wonder what happened to them to make them so crazy, psychotic and not know the difference between right and wrong.

I know why, and I'm going to tell you.

It's because, they know something you don't know. And since you heard of no such thing, you think them crazy. It's because they saw something you would never open your eyes to and accept, but they had. But when they told you, you thought of them as a loonie. It's because of the whispering in their ears, talking in their mind, images they see and you can't. It's because they are the only ones that accepted something. They are the only ones that knew, that something was out there. Something, much more, sophisticated and evolved.

Something much more dangerous. Something you must open your eyes and see.
Something that is gone, but still there. In the whisper of the wind.
Something cold, something lovable, something mean.
But every time they try to warn you, you laugh and go, "You're crazy."