Midnight Highway

1: Tears and the Song

"Are you really sure you want to hear the song?" Joey question Daphne as he sat down on a chair with his guitar hanging on his shoulder. Daphne looked down at her toes and nodded while she stands in front of him.

"With all this fight between us, with all this moving, you're still talking to me?" Joey looked at Daphne with a frown as he lean back. Daphne looked up and stared back at Joey.

"Can't you at least be happy that I'm talking to you? Can't you at least stop questioning? And I myself don't even know if I'm meant for you anymore." Daphne asked, annoyed, while she sat down on the nearest couch. Joey smirked. He put down his guitar on his lap and started playing a few strings while he whispered.

"You were never meant for me…"

Your bitter goodbye is ringing through this quiet night,
This idle hour just wont pass.
I've never missed you this much, never thought I would,
Didn't think you'd feel so far away.
Your summer perfume is still blowing through this hallway,
Autumn's amber red shadows dance.
I miss our midnight rides, on highway 18,
But 18 is gone.

So go past the lights and all the excuses.
You could have left, sincerely yours.
Don't you think it's obvious that I want to say more?
But anything too daring to say to you,
Will be said in this letter, then burned away,
So you never realize, I'm here.

I'm thinking of your vague reply,
So I can understand,
Why we put this at rest,
Why we forget to,
Say that we were leaving,
And say that we were sorry,
The past remains unspoken,
As this vacant night is dying.

But I still miss your summer perfume.
This cold air brings in such a distance to us,
Such a painful distance.
But I'm still waiting for you to say, you hate me now,
So I don't have too.
Hold on to this burning heart,
This burning heart is getting old,
It's getting old.
While sitting on this cold kitchen floor,
Head down to hide the tears,
I've realized, I've finally realized,
That you were never,
You were never meant, for me.

He stopped playing and smiled weakly at Daphne, trying to figure out what is her reaction going to be. "So, do you like it?"

Daphne stood up and stared at the ground, never lifting her head up to looked at Joey. She took a step forward towards Joey and slowly lifting her head up, revealing tears that flowed down her cheeks and dropped to the ground, continuously. Joey looked at the tears and felt his heart shattered. He didn't want to make her cry. He wanted her to know that their relationship is over. The end. No more.

Daphne wiped her tears away with the back of her hand to make it stopped coming but it won't end. Joey swallowed hard and stood up to touch Daphne's hand but she kept moving away. "Daphne…"

As he said that, she ran strait to the door and ran away. He stared after her with eyes that become red. He sat down once more and put his hands on his head while he whispered to himself.

"Daphne, I love you…"

A/N: So, what do you think? And this is not a One-Shot. Lol. Oh, and do you understand what Joey meant? He wanted his relationship with Daphne to be over but he loves her. You don't understand, right? Well, then you need to read the story to figure it out what he meant, then. But if you do, then well done! I hope you all will like it!

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