You Are Mine

The cascading winds blow through my hair.
A tear falls to the soil, I see you standing there.
Your soft pale hands are reaching out for mine.
But you're out of my grasp, suspended by time.

I look to a gray sky, catching a raindrop in my palm.
This little portion of nature represents a new song.
Close your eyes, will you sing it with me now?
Yes, we will sing its melody making not one sound.

Our lips are sealed, but our minds are free.
Within this freedom we are what we want to be.
But we both know that this is not enough.
The illusion doesn't last when you're watching from above.

Why is dreaming necessary to see your face?
Why can't I touch you at any time or any place?
Please draw closer so that I can understand.
So I can reach out and take your hands.

A song bird sings as a new day is brought to life.
Yet my moments with you are very soon to die.
Longingly you stare at me with loving, caring eyes.
You're fading away, but even so I know this time.

"I am yours, and you are mine."