Inspired to a picture of a boy sitting in a huge birdcage.

Swallows in Hawaii

little bird,
fly away,
far away
from sorrow.
save yourself
and don't look back;
I'll join you
there tomorrow.

clear blue skies
will call to you
(heed them not,
my friend).
fly straight
and true;
and light-hued fields will
beckon far below you.

and one day
in the future near,
I'll search the skies
for you.

pay no mind
to trains and planes,
they cannot capture you.
when dawn arises,
you'll be far
and I will cry for you.

little bird,
fly away,
but not too far
for now.
when morning comes,
you will sleep
and I will fly to you.

alas, oh no,
I have no wings
to that I could use to fly.
I have no feet
that are fleet enough
to rise into the sky.
flight has not been
kind to me,
my little deviator.
I hope that you
can understand,
my feathered aviator.

if you had flown
to paradise,
I would have met you there,
but in your folly
you betrayed
and I cannot find where.

I'll stay for now
and hope for your return.
I'll stay right here
in this gilded cage of gold.