It's my birthday,
A supposed wonderful time!
Yet I'm so miserable.

No one cares,
No one knows.

It makes me think,
So this is reality...
This is how I'm seen
and Loved?

Is how my Birthday will be?
...congratulate free?

"You have to tell,"
You could counter,
"How else will someone know?"

"I don't brag,"
I would say.
"That's what people think when I do."

Forget you.
I've seen enough.

I'll satisfy myself with
What I have.


My friends care, and
Yes, they really do
-but to an extent.

Mind you, that's not a lot.
But, it's better than


Now it's over.
My day has dimmed
Your turn now.

It's your Birthday,
And, I'm watching.
You act the same as me,
Not telling, but
You're not miserable.

People remember,
People care.
People you don't know.
People I know.
People who forgot me,
...Remembered You.

How is it fair,
That god, made everyone love you?
Everyone forgot me?
Skipped me?

You don't realize, how,
Oh how lonely I feel.
You never felt things I have.
I'm special…
-that's just another word for weird.
A personality that no one likes.

You, you're cute.
You're pretty,
You're fun.

...Everything I'm not.

I suppose I'm not surprised.
It's always been that way.
I'm a shadow behind you.
My day, it won't shine…
It can't.

But despite these facts,
I'll pretend.
Pretend not to care.
For your sake … and mine.

I love you, my dear friend.
No matter how you make me feel.
(It's insignificant, by the way)
I'll stay loyal, no matter what.
What I've promise you,
I'll never break.

I'm sad, I admit
I'm about to burst:
"Why is life not fair?
"Why are you love??
"Why am I ALWAYS forgotten?"
But I won't

I don't want you hurt.
And forever these thoughts will,
Stay inside me, Day and Night.

You don't want to be miserable like me.
I love you the way you are.
Don't loose every thing you have.
No matter what, I will stay
By your side.

I'm your best friend,
And that's the spot I'll always love to be.
That alone is enough for me-
(Or so that's what I've kept telling myself).

Best Friends Forever.

I won't ruin your day…
You're like Sister to me.

As long as you're happy, I'll try to be as well.