"Maybe you can help me," the autumn wind said

To the little boy,

"I'm looking for the gap between space and time."

"I'm sorry but you're fresh out of luck,"

He replied,

"Good fortune just left with the wind, effect and all."

Nonetheless, the boy found the autumn wind enchanting,

Infatuated by the mere thought of aesthetic nature.

But soon enough the autumn wind died along with the winter frost,

And the stars engraved deceitful thoughts into his mind:

So he grew up.


More often,

He feels the presence of another

Like a shadow on his back.

"But wouldn't that be treason?" he inquires.


"Pose the question in the language of the stars,

Look up and see a meteor shower.

Beware that-"

"...The sky often tends to lie?

I know," he says.