i could break you

just like that, you know

and I want to

just to prove that there's more here

than the ditsy jokes and trusting smile

you take advantage of.

We could get up close and so something dangerous,

react like the wrong kinds of chemicals.

I could hold you like a tease of a boa–constrictor,

never too tight.

I'd like to step all over you fingers and

hear you cry out, vulnerable and wounded

so I could heal you with old remedies, amuse you with sand-box jokes.

But I won't, for the sake of proving that your heartlessness

is not as influential as you think.

your lack of morality is endearing, not desirable.

You'll miss me soon enough, when apologies are not enough and

there's no more anger.

You'll realize that something are unforgettable, irreplaceable;

all you need is time.