Sweet Innocence

Note: Although it is winter and school is in full swing, Lydia has chosen to perform Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the upcoming holiday season. Lyoko has been strangely quiet, and XANA has been inactive, which causes suspicion within the Warriors.


Sissi—Veruca Salt

Jean-Pierre—Veruca's Father

Odd—Mike TeeVee

Jim—Mike's Father


Franz Hopper—Charlie's Grandfather

Nick—Agustus Gloomp

Rosa—Agustus's Mother


Yolande—Violet's Mother


Jacob Rosenheim

Lydia Rosenheim


Yumi—One of the kids who doesn't get into the factory

Aelita—" "

Samantha—" "

Naomi—" "

Herve—" "

Tamiya—Oompa Loompa

Millie—Oompa Loompa

Ulrich—One of the kids who doesn't get into the factory

Emily—Oompa Loompa

Zach—One of the kids who doesn't get into the factory

Mr. Fumeka—Mr. Turkentine

Remy Lazeer—Willy Wonka (History Teacher)

The Staff Psychologist—Wonka's Father

Robert Morales

JoAnne Morales

Scene 1—Casting Calls

(Even though it is snowy outside, students are heading back and forth to their studies after school, bundled up in their warmest clothes. Focus in on auditorium, enter in. Here we see Lydia and Jacob gathering scripts together for their first play of the holiday pageant, being Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)

Jacob: (to Lydia, seeing how many people came to tryouts) Lyds, do you think I should print more scripts ? I mean, look at all the children !

Lydia: (grins and pats Jacob on the hand lovingly) Of course, darling.

(Jacob runs off to the copy room to print more copies of the play)

Jacob: (off screen) I'll be back in two shakes.

(The children are conversing rather animatedly, as well as the adults who are interested)

Lydia: (to the children) I know you're all very excited about the play, but please keep the conversing down to a little about a whisper. There are other students studying for their finals.

(The children stop chattering so loudly and speak in softer tones. In a matter of minutes, Jacob returns with more scripts)

Jacob: (a bit triumphantly) Here, dear. (gives her a pile of scripts) There are plenty for all.

(The children look very eager and are welcome to reading their parts.)

Lydia: We will be going through a read-through of the script. Tomorrow, you will come and act the role you wish to perform. From then on, Jacob and I will make our decisions.

Jacob: Questions ? (points to Herve) Yes, Herve ?

Herve: What if we don't like the role we're given ?

Lydia: It's the role you take, unless we don't have enough members for the chorus or the stage crew. It looks like we have more than enough for that. (chuckles a bit)

Herve: (shrug) Sounds fair.

(They go through a read through of the script, and say their farewells for the day. "The Next Day" appears on screen and the students have chosen their roles.)

Jeramie: (Before his cue comes up, and to the others in the wings, and in a hushed tone) Guys, I have a really bad premonition.

Yumi: (concerned) What's that ?

Jeramie: Well, I have been checking the supercomputer and there seems to be no activity whatsoever.

All the other warriors: WHAT ?

Lydia: (tsking) Quiet backstage please, let the readers read.

Odd: (awkwardly, sticking his head out) Sorry, Mrs. Rosenheim. (strained laughter)

Sam: This is very peculiar.

Naomi: What could be going on ?

Aelita: Even more puzzling, what could XANA have planned ?

Jeramie: That's just the thing. (feeling a bit unlike himself) I don't know.

Naomi: (optimistically) Don't worry about it. Let's just enjoy getting ready for the play. I want to be cast as Veruca. (beams a huge grin)

Millie: (sticks tongue out in disgust) Ugh, what on earth for ?

Naomi: Because I will have the chance to wear luxurious clothes, not to mention a mink coat. How's that for glamorous ? (wiggles eyebrows in a rather silly way)

Tamika: It is rather glamorous now that I think about it.

Millie: Good point. (pats on the back) You're up, Naomi !

(While Naomi is rehearsing, we get a glimpse of what's going on in Jeramie's thoughts)

Jeramie: (pondering) What could possibly be wrong ? It isn't like XANA to remain silent like this. (lightly snickers) I probably shouldn't worry too terribly much. After all, I am trying out for the main role of the play. Everything is going to be fine.

Lydia: (applauding) Great work, Naomi ! Very, very, good ! (pauses) Alright, next.

Jeramie Belpouis.

Jeramie: (steps out on stage) (reading from script) Papa, I've never wanted anything more in my whole entire life but to go inside that wondrous place. I can only imagine how extraordinary it would be. Meeting Mr. Wonka would be wonderful. Here's hoping this bar has the golden ticket ! (waits for Grandpa's line) Oh, no worry. I'm certain someone else more deserving than I...

(Jacob and Lydia applaud generously)

Lydia: Fantastic, Jeramie ! Next…Sissi Delmas.

(As Sissi reads her lines for Violet, Jeramie sees his other friends are waiting for him there, and they show him something strange on their cell phone communicators)

Yumi: (pointing to the screen that has a link to Lyoko) It's a heartbeat. Always the same, never fluctuating.

Aelita: Even I'm not sure what it means or what it could possibly be. (hand on Jeramie's shoulder) Jeramie, I don't know what we're supposed to do. (Jeramie comforts her by stroking her hand)

Ulrich: (sigh) Whatever it is, it can't possibly be good. But we cannot worry about it now.

Jeramie: Ulrich's absolutely right.

Odd: Besides, we have finals we have to study for. (mutters) And, I don't really look forward to them either.

(They all agree, and say their goodbyes before parting. Most of them seem unfazed, even Emily is docile and unaffected, but Jeramie is considerably shaken by this experience. For some strange reason, it keeps him up at night, and he wakes up in a cold sweat. He figures there is only one way to discover answers, and that is to start hacking into Lyoko and finding out what is going on.)

Scene 2—Connecting to Lyoko

(Jeramie is at the console of the super computer. On the screen, an EKG graphic appears, showing a steady "beat". Then even more strangely a projected image of a present appears. Jeramie, touches the projection and it becomes static until he moves his fingers.)

Jeramie: (baffled) What on earth is going on here ? (curious) (thinking) If it's just a static image, why does it seem so real, and why can I smell peppermint, chocolate and gingerbread ? (scratches his head) (touching it again, the present becomes solid)

(the present falls into his lap)

Jeramie: Huh ?! (there is a note on the present) (reading to himself) A special gift for a special young man… Guess there is no harm in opening it.

(eerie music builds and a shadow emerges from the package, it overtakes him and he is left cackling madly)

XANA (in Jeramie guise): The perfect disguise. (generates another package) With more packages, I can lure the Warriors to Lyoko and smite them one by one. (chuckles maniacly again as he marches off with the rather stunning but ominous package in his hands. His laughter echoes throughout the halls of the factory as he leaves.)

(Jeramie's shadow appears as XANA's before he can no longer be seen.)

(Scene change from evening to daylight.)

Scene 3—Conflicts

(Outside of Mrs. Rosenheim's classroom, there is a poster board with pushpins in it. One has the results of the casting calls. All the students who were involved gather round to see what parts they received.)

Sissi: (rather dejected) Rats ! I didn't want the part of Veruca Salt. (crosses arms)

Emily: Don't feel badly. I got a chorus part, but it's alright. I actually wanted to be an Oompa Loompa after all.

(Millie and Tamiya are dancing around after they've discovered that they too will be Oompa Loompas)

Millie: Yea ! (double high fives her friend)

Tamiya: Hurray !

Millie & Tamiya: (in unison, both ecstatic) This is the best day of my life !

Sissi: (murmuring) Lucky you. (grumbles) (pauses) Hey, have any of you seen Jeramie ?

Odd: (caught off guard) No. Come to think of it, he hasn't been around lately.

Last time I heard or saw him he was checking something (whispers) on the supercomputer.

Yumi: It was probably just a glitch. My communicator isn't showing any activity.

Aelita: Neither is mine.

Emily: Same here.

Naomi: (with glee) No worries then !

Ulrich: (exhasperated) You're always so cheerful, Naomi ! How do you do it ? Don't you realize we all have finals to worry about ? (they pause to look at him a little reprovingly because he hurt Naomi's feelings a little)

What ! (a bit reluctant) I'm sorry.

Naomi: (unaffected) It's alright. (short pause) But Ulrich's right. How are we going to keep up with the play and our finals ?

Herve: Never fear, I've got study plans that will help. Every topic, every subject, just ask and the wisdom shall be at your disposal.

Nick: This is one occasion I'm glad you're the ultimate dork.

Herve: (beams a grin, and pauses) Hey, wait. (pause) Was that a compliment ?

Nick: (pats him on the back in support) Sure was !

(Jeramie is waiting behind a corner for Aelita, until the others have departed)

Jeramie/XANA: (in a rather ebullient tone) Hey, Aelita!

(Aelita turns to face Jeramie.)

Aelita: Hey there! Where have you been?

Jeramie/XANA: (with a bit of a sneer) That's not important, my dear. I have something much more important to share with you. (holding the present behind his back)

Aelita: (curiously) Really, what is it ?

Jeramie/XANA: (holds out present) A gift. I hope you like it. It's quite (focus on his lips only and the devious intonation he uses in forming this word as is if he is "tasting" it) special.

Aelita: Any gift from you I receive with the highest regard, my noble Knight of knowledge. (takes it and smiles genuinely at him, XANA does his best not to let Aelita's saccharine nature sicken him)

Jeramie/XANA: What are you waiting for dear…Christmas ?

Aelita: (chuckles) Of course not, there's no designation on the package for me to say to do so. (opens it)

(Quick shot of the package falling to the ground with an empty, hollow sound)

Aelita: (in monotone, flat voice) What is your bidding, Master ?

Jeramie/XANA: Why, we go to Lyoko. You will give all the ownership of it to me, it's rightful King. Once I have no more use for your talents, like your compatriots, I will sent out my presents, and their energy will be absorbed into the new core of Lyoko and directly to me. (maniacle laughter)

(Quick fade out after ominous music builds and schwartzandos)

Scene 4—A Call to Action

(Emily has been busy with her schoolwork, but has finished everything and is outside riding her bike when she sees Jeramie and Aelita approaching the factory.)

Emily: (inquisitively) Hey, is something happening on Lyoko ? Why the sudden rush ?

Aelita: We think that XANA might be up to something. Shouldn't you be on your way home ? You don't want to worry your parents.

Emily: Of course not, you're absolutely right. (rides away)

Jeramie/XANA: That was too close, my dear.

Aelita: Indeed it was, m'Lord. We haven't got any time to lose though. Quickly, before we are seen again.

(They hurry into the factory and virtualize themselves into Lyoko with their communicators)

(Back at the Morales residence)

Emily: I didn't know if I was doing the right thing or not, but I could tell neither one of them were acting like their usual selves. Jeramie's eyes were different, cold and distant. Not the deep, thoughtful, caring Jeramie I know. And Aelita was just as distant.

Jim: This is bad. I'm not sure what XANA has in mind, but we need to alert the others.

Susanne: (nods fiercely, and dials a number into her communicator)

(Soon, the signal connects and the team has formed. From inside the house, they virtualize themselves into Lyoko to find that XANA and Aelita aren't there. Sam catches his bio-signs on a visor tuned to his "frequency".)

Sam: He's in Carthage. We must go there.

(Susanne types in Scipio in her PDA to enter Carthage and they arrive there, instantly greeted by monsters. Before they can be hit, Susanne has been able to shield them.)

Susanne: I think the key to the core is straight ahead of us. I don't know how much longer I can hold this shield though !

Jim: (with courage) Keep trying dear ! We have to get close enough before XANA reaches the portal successfully !

(With more output, Susanne increases the size of the field, which is deflecting the fire of the monsters and causing them to detonate. Emily escapes the field, though.)

Jim: (fretting) Emily, no ! It's too dangerous !

Emily: (without a care, and bravely) It's alright. I know what I am doing.

(As the monsters continue to be summoned, the rest of the Warriors hold them off. Emily beats them to the pass where the portal awaits.)

Emily: (outstretched arms, and then takes a fighting position)

Jeramie/XANA: (becoming irritated) I don't have time for this, little girl ! Out of the way !

(tries blasting her out of the way, but she is unmoved)

Emily: (still in fighting stance, ready to battle)

Jeramie/XANA: (flabbergasted) Inconceivable !

Aelita: If I may interject, master, I can make it the rest of the way…You can take care of the nuisance.

Jeramie/XANA: Splendid thinking, my dear. (releases his grip on Aelita's arm and allows her to rush toward the portal)

(XANA begins fighting with Emily but proves to be no match for her. Emily throws the charging XANA into Aelita.)

Emily: (wincing a little) I'm sorry but it had to be done.

(XANA hitting Aelita and then hitting the wall. Instantly the wall begins moving and shifting detecting a "virus"…)

XANA/Jeramie: (to himself) No ! I'm trapped ! (screams as the antivirus program sucks him from Jeramie and Emily catches him.) Gotcha !

(The monsters retreat for the time to rescue their master from the antivirus program that steals some of his abilities, and they take him away to his sanctuary in Lyoko.)

Aelita: (waking up) What just happened ?

Emily: It's a long story, and I'll tell you later.

Jeramie: Thanks for saving us, Emily. You're extremely brave.

Emily: (blushing) Thanks.

Jim: I'm so proud of you, honey-bun !

Emily: (embarrassed) Dad ! Stop that.

Jim: Sorry, rosebud. I get carried away. (looking a bit awkward)

(They transport themselves back in time to start rehearsing again before their studies. After all of this, they have some time to chat on the computer. There, Jeramie chats with all of his friends in a common domain chatroom.)

Jeramie: I had completely forgotten about the antiviral program I had installed. Maybe that will keep XANA in his place for a while.

Odd: Leave it to the genius to outdo even himself.

Yumi: You're always incredible, Jeramie.

Jeramie: Oh, shucks. It took me a while to perfect it, but at least we know it is doing its job.

Naomi: (yawning)

Aelita: Are we boring you, Naomi ?

Naomi: No, I'm just tired. After all of the activities today, I need to rest. Goodnight everyone.

(Everyone types in goodnight and she signs off and goes to bed.)

Herve: I think I'm following suit with her. I'm beat.

Nick: See ya, buddy.

(Herve signs off.)

(After a while, everyone becomes tired and decides to call it a night.)

(The next day appears on the screen.)

Scene 5—Finals and Dress Rehearsal

(After a long day of working on finals, the first dress rehearsal is held.)

(Many of the students are groaning and can hardly hold themselves up after working so hard on their tests.)

Lydia: (sympathetically) I know you're tired, cookies. You can be lax in this performance, but don't forget to put your all into it on opening night.

Millie: (to her friend) Thank heaven.

Remy: Bless you, kind Lydia.

Lydia: (raised brow) You're welcome, Mr. Lazeer. Ok, everyone…You have a half an hour to prepare. We'll be going over the script from the top.

Jacob: (eager) This is my favorite part ! (squeals slightly)

Lydia: (chuckles) When you become excited like that, it's just too adorable, love.

Jacob: I can't help it…These costumes are my art ! It's what (dramatic flair) I live for !

Lydia: (hugs him by the arm) L'chaim to the love of the theatre !

Jacob: L'chaim indeed. (they "clink" water bottles together and drink deeply, both sighing with great pleasure)

(On the screen it reads, in a half hours time and the cast appears in costume before Lydia tells them to take their places.)

(As they start rehearsing, we see our heroes get into character, and even the psychologist does well as Willy's father. Their acting goes on with music from the soundtrack to the latest version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory only and no vocals. )

(There is a quick flash from the rehearsal to the children flopping down in bed, all lost within their own dream worlds. As the sun sets, the stars appear and the moon can be seen, there is a shot of Kadic from a distance. Everything is serene until the sun rises again.)

Scene 6—Opening Night

(The words "Opening Night" appear on the screen)

(The cast and crew seem a bit nervous, but all of them know their lines very well. Lydia, though she usually gives cues from the front, is acting as the narrator for the play, and Jacob is out in front giving cues to the actors and actresses. Out in the audience, Robert and JoAnne watch their son perform.)

Robert: (surprised) I had forgotten James was going to be involved in this. And look (points to Emily's name), little Lily has a part as well.

JoAnne: How magnificent ! I'm eager to see them once they come out on stage.

Robert: If it's anything like the last play, I'm sure it will be superb.

JoAnne: (hearing the orchestra start up with tuning their instruments to "concert A") (shushing him without making any noise) It's beginning !

(An interlude of the soundtracks songs are played as a montage of the students' production goes by from Part 1 to Part 2. As the cast makes their final bow, they return for a second bow after being praised once again.)

(After the play, the audience talks to the cast. Joanne and Robert are praising Jim and Emily. Also, the unknown Remy is praised plenty as well.)

(As soon as the cast exits, the audience leaves the auditorium. Soon, the children hustle to bed, and all lights turn out except for the one in Sissi's underneath her covers with a flashlight in her mouth.)

Scene 7—Into Sweet Dreams

Sissi: (writing, and we hear her voice over) Performing in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was more fun than I thought it would be. After performing a lead part in Beauty and the Beast, I found it more laid-back and less demanding. That was a welcome change. Our history teacher proved he could act quite well even though it was his first time being on stage. I admire his willingness to perform as well as his portrayal of Willy Wonka. I admit, I was rather impressed and the audience was as well. I wasn't too keen on becoming a spoiled-rotten, no good, brat, but I knew I was just pretending, and dad did well in his role, since it wasn't too terribly hard for him to be in a paternal role. It's only natural for him, and besides, it's his demeanor to act in such a way. Though I am glad my relationship with my father is more of that of a friend than not. (door begins to open)

(Jean-Pierre opens the door)

Jean: Young lady, do you realize what time it is ? (a bit reproving) Tomorrow is a school day you realize, and the last day of make-up finals. I hope you've studied.

Sissi: (Sighs slightly) Yes, father. I have. I know being in the play has kept me from taking some of my finals, but I shall make up for it tomorrow.

Jean: (comes up to her and hugs her by the side of the bed) I have every bit of faith in you, my sweet. I know you shall do well. (kisses her cheek) Finish whatever it is you are doing, and then off to bed. (kisses her forehead) I love you, ma chere.

Sissi: (smiling softly after he snuggles Niny under her arm and leaves the room) I love you too, papa. (finishes writing) My life is always so full of excitement, I never know what might happen around the bend. (closes her journal and sets her pen and journal on her nightstand and goes to bed.)

(Shot of Sissi sleeping with Niny, and a shot of Kadic from above with the stars twinkling in the sky. A meteorite shoots across the sky and the words "The End" appear in cursive, glittery type.)

(Roll credits)