The great city of Zoth lay,
Across the silent night.
Birds gather to awaken all.
So that life can begin yet again.
The walls of great height.
Every stone strong,
And every watchman good.
Guards standout side the gate,
Oh grand gates.
Many wooden planks cover the walls.
Great nails keep them together.
A great bolt to keep those out,
Them of enemy lands.
They of people we do not great.
Those who want to destroy I.
Guard of strong arms,
Helmets of dragon's head,
Swords of long tails,
Armour heavy as the sun,
And wits of a phoenix.
They stand still for days on end,
No water to defeat their thirst.
No food to fell their stomach.
They stand to defend all within the walls,
Against all that's bad.
Fires are lit to show them the surroundings.
Their tangled flames,
Twisting in the night.
How great to see the blaze,
The knotted flare,
Giving warmth to those,
Those who are lucky to enter the city.
Complaints fell the air.
Men are grumbling.
Women are in grievance.
And children are crying for their dreams are no more.
What a city of opportunities.
Crowd come and go,
Wanting a better life,
Only to rejected at sight.
Let the complaining go on forever more.
Inside is a different story,
Many need to run.
They are all sick.
Men are angry of the mistreatment.
Women have enough of now freedom,
No rights to live,
No away to escape the suffering.
The pain never ends,
Always going,
No end in site, not even one.
Why are they sick?
Why do they have pain within their heads?
Why the suffering?
Why the dying.
What is wrong with this world, they live?
How is it they hate?
Overlords they are.
They live in the centre of things.
They live in the great tower of Zoth.
Oh great tower,
Such simple minded,
Yet complex within it.
It is a character.
A member of a family.
A citizen of the world.
It is like it is alive.
It feels pain like we do.
It feels the suffering like we do.
Yet it has the power to not seeing it.
It is blind,
All it sees is the darkness.
It is the darkness.
It's shadow falls down onto the world.
The shadow darkens people as the tower does.
The darkness creates evil.
And evil creates suffering.
You cannot avoid the darkness.
It is also looking.
The design itself is simply complex.
From the air, atop,
It looks like a simple square,
All even placed out.
But from down below,
It is still in a cube fashion,
Yet it towers high above.
At the second to the top level,
There are windows going around its four faces.
Form here, the Overlords stare,
Gleaming down onto the hell below.
They don't think but of themselves.
They don't care of suffering,
As long as they don't suffer.
And from there, the tower is,
On each of the four faces,
Four cube like lines,
Digging in within the walls,
Crawl from a few levels below the windows,
And down towards the ground.
But the lines stop a few levels from the ground.
On the last few floor,
Cube like structure is not there,
But instead it is a slope.
From there, windows are covered across all.
This is where all that have high jobs,
Job given to,
By Overlords.
From there, they work.
Like the gate, guard ready,
In case of an up rise.
They protect the ones they hate.
There, standing outside was a young man.
Twenty years of age, he stood.
His shortly cut brown was spiked up.
His face was tanned from the days of work,
Of hardness in the sun.
His sole was burnt with anger,
Of those called as Overlords.
His green eyes floated within space.
They blended within a forest.
Unified in the woodlands,
Where wild horse ran.
Combine forces with the folk of the green lands to the east.
He wore a top of a fiery red,
Cover with a jumper of a faded blue.
The jeans he wore were also a faded blue,
With holes from the hard days of work.
He wore dark green leather gloves,
So his hard could not be cut,
From the darkness of labour.
His lips where of faded red,
From dryness,
For water was so died.
It was rare, for the ocean was so far a way.
No lakes to bring us wet.
The river that ran though the city,
Was the all the was,
Only having unclean water.
His ears stayed in neatly,
So no eyes could see it.
His shoes where a dark brown,
It tied up so tight,
No hand cannot ever knot it.
The man slept with them on.
The shoes where faded as well.
His name was Alez,
A name who a pasted king,
Who he hated,
The king was once a overlord.
Alez said to the crowd, he protested:
"Oh Overlords,
"Do not punish us?
"For we do not do wrong.
"Oh Overlords,
"Why curse on us?
"For we never do so to you.
"Oh Overlords,
"Why don't you fear us?
"For we fear you.
"Oh Overlord,
"Why don't you give us water?
"For we die of thirst.
"Oh Overlord,
"Why don't you feed us?
"For we die with no food.
"Oh Overlord,
"Why don't you cloth us,
"For we are naked.
"Oh Overlords,
"Why don't you cover us?
"For we are cold outside.
"Oh Overlords,
"Why don't you see us?
"We die for evermore.
"Why Oh overlords?"
And with that, one of the guards said:
"I feel for you,
"Yet I cannot do anything for you.
"This is my job,
"And work I will.
"And now I ask you,
"Go home and not speak of this,
"For the Overlords will kill if they hear.
"Now go"
At that time, there was a Overlord walking,
Seeing all that he wanted to see.
He heard all of what Alez said.
He was crossed and said:
"Fool I tell.
"Lies from a camels mouth.
"This man here speaks of lies,
"Nothing of the truth,
"Don't speak to him,
"Nor allow his lies come to you head.
"Do not turn him into a hero,
"For you fate will be of the same, Death.
"Now never will anyone speak of lies.
"The Overlords are the only truth you will ever know"
And with that, he took Alez into prison.
While in prison, he was hit by the Overlords.
"Lies", he said to Alez.
Once Alez was alone, he said softly:
"Oh Overlord,
"You never see us,
"You don't know us.
"How can you know what is a lie,
"When the truth you don't.
"Let someone some to save us,
"Come to our aid,
"Free not me, but all of us from slavery.
"For I am a prison in this cell,
"And a prison within the walls of this city.
"Let him be great"
And with that, he went to sleep.
He was woken up in the morning,
Of the songs that were weaved by the birds.
A girl enters the cell.
Her name is Hope.
Her nineteen-year-old body had been worn out.
Her mind had been hardened.
Her sole was sad.
Her long brown hair was tied back.
She had also had tanned skin,
Absorbed from the sun.
Her face was of a muddy angel.
Pretty it was.
Her green eyes gleamed at him,
Pain and suffering within them.
Hate and anger thought them.
Sadness beneath them.
Her ears also were kept behind.
She wore a dark blue jumper,
With a grey top beneath.
She also wore jeans,
Which were to small,
And had faded in the sun light.
She wore a pair of dark shoes.
She looked at Alez and said:
"Brother, I will get you out.
"Our mother and father would hate me if I didn't.
"Only if they were still alive.
"Oh, this day is a worse as that day,
"When mother and father want out to die.
"Why protest, brother, why?
"All it brings is death and suffering.
"Please let them spare you, please".
Her brother looked at her and said:
"My time has came,
"But I had a vision last night,
"Someone is coming to save us,
"Save us all.
"He will defeat the Overlords.
"He will begin a up rise.
"The up rise of Zoth".
Hope looked confused.
"How will I know that he is the one?
"The one you speak of?
"Will a light come down on him?
"Will thunder come from the sky?
"Or will he be a great hero?
"How will I know him?"
Alez answered her with:
"I don't know these answers.
"All I know is that when he comes,
"With his staff,
"He will show the way.
"But his robe will be not of ours"
And with this,
She went away, crying with tears of hope.
And as she cried,
A Young man of nineteen looked above her.
She couldn't see him within the shadow,
Yet she knew he was there.
"Why cry", He said.
"Why not cry" Hope replied:
"Why cry when the tears do nothing.
"Why live, when all you will do is die.
"Why suffer, when you can stab yourself"
Then he said to her:
"Why is it so?
"That when I am,
"In my darkest hour,
"People would rather,
"Knock me deeper into the shadow,
"Than bring out a hand
"Pull me out,
"And show me the light,
"That I've been calling for,
"Calling for always".
And from that moment,
She knew that he knew what she was thinking.
That he was there to help her.
To save her from her from the pit of darkness.
She then said to him:
"Where are you from?
"Why have I never seen your face before?
"Why have I never seen your softening voice before?
"Where have come?
"And why here of all places?
"Who are you?"
He looked at her and said:
"For where I come,
"You will never come.
"I come and go,
"I am like the wind"
She then said:
"Are you here to save use?
"Have you been sent to bring changes here?
"To move time?"
And he then said to her:
"Time is a changing thing.
"It happens all the time.
"Never stays in one spot.
"It's moving all the time".
He then noticed her beauty:
"What lovely eyes you have.
"You faces is of a thousand words
"You glare is greater the gods.
"I've set my eyes on a goddess,
"Are you so?"
And with that, he left.
And with his staff at hand,
And his robe muddy of the long journey,
He walked on,
Far into the shadow.

Toby Keet