Yes, I edited it AGAIN!! I talked to my older brother and he made me realise that a cop (especially an off-duty one) wouldn't just kill two guys without reason. So I changed the scene where Aydrien attacks the four guys and they don't die, they just get really badly hurt. So, sorry to all of you out there who are waiting for the next chapter. Just be patient and bear with me here, please!


Chapter 1

A trench coat clad youth, of about nineteen, watched the scene below him with obvious disgust and hatred showing in his grey eyes. He had been on his way home from work and had come across the alley where four men in their mid- to late thirties had cornered a girl. From the looks of things, they had stolen whatever they could from her and had beat her up pretty badly as well. The youth swore as he saw one man grab the front of the girl's already torn shirt and strike her in the face several times, yelling something incoherent. What the man was going to do next, the youth wasn't sure. But, one thing the youth was sure of was that he would never allow the man to do it. The youth jumped down from the roof and into the shadows of the alley, silently moving forward towards the unsuspecting men.

A loud, feral roar echoed throughout the shadows of the alley and a lithe, youthful figure charged straight into the kneeling man, sending him flying into the alley wall with an audible crack. A slightly-built, short man with a scraggly beard, pulled out a knife, preparing to throw it at the intruder, but the intruder was no longer in front of him. Too late, the man noticed where the intruder had gone as he felt his own knife pulled from his grasp and saw the fist that came out of nowhere.

The two remaining men cautiously advanced upon the dark-haired intruder, only to have him practically vanish from before them and appear right between them. The intruder gripped one man's head and did a vicious head butt, knocking the man unconscious instantly. The last man, the leader, stared in horror as the intruder let the dead man fall to the ground. He was surprised at the ease with which this smaller, younger man had taken out three men twice his age and twice his weight as well. The leader opened his mouth, trying to plead with the killer who stood before him, but nothing came out and he was shoved so hard against the alley wall that all the breath was instantly knocked out of him.

"Why?!" The intruder questioned the man in a lightly accented voice, nearly gagging from the strong smell of liquor, "Why take advantage of a girl young enough to be your own daughter? What do you gain?"

The man tried to shrug in reply, but was held so hard against the wall that he couldn't manage to move at all. The man did, however, manage to get his voice back somewhat, despite the intruder's hand on his throat.

"W-why do you care?" the man uttered in a half whisper, slightly slurred from too much alcohol.

The intruder's grip on the man's throat tightened, causing the man to wince and gasp for air.

"I care because it's wrong to take advantage of anyone, especially an innocent girl who has done you no harm. I care because I hate your type." The intruder paused, "I care because it's my job to protect the innocent!"

The man stared at the intruder, trying to figure out exactly why he was afraid of this mysterious youth.

"Who are you?" The man gasped the question.

"Just a cop doing his duty."

The cop smiled, showing off a pair of fangs to his astonished captive, and sank his teeth into the man's neck. The man screamed from the shock of what he had seen as well as from the absolute pain that he felt. He managed to gasp out three words before he lost consciousness.

"Yer a Vamp!"

The Vampire let the unconscious man slide to the ground and licked his lips. He pulled a handkerchief from the depths of his coat and wiped off any spots of blood he might have missed, suddenly remembering why he had intervened to begin with. Dashing to the prostrate form on the ground, the cop knelt next to the girl, checking to see if she was even still alive. There was a heartbeat, it was faint, but it was there nonetheless. Sighing with obvious relief, the cop did a quick visual calculation of the girl's wounds.

He swore under his breath.

The girl's clothing was torn beyond repair and it did little to conceal her injuries, which were numerous. The girl herself, whom the cop guessed was anywhere from fifteen to twenty years old, was in far worse condition than her clothing. She was fast slipping into unconsciousness, and although he was no medical expert, he did know two important things: the girl had to get attention, fast, and she needed to stay warm until help arrived.

Pulling off his trench coat, the cop laid it over the girl's battered body. He gently tucked in his coat at her sides, all the while trying not to injure her more than she already was.The cop checked the girl's pulse again and stood up, walking to the end of the alley and looking out into the vacant street. He pulled a Razor cell phone from his jeans pocket and hit the speed dial, running a hand through his medium-length, black hair and waiting impatiently until a male voice was heard on the other end.

"Major Carson speaking."

"Hey, Major, this is Lieutenant Valentius," The Lieutenant glanced at his watch. It was fifteen 'til five in the morning, almost time for the Major to clock out. "How long would it take you to get to the alley on East 14th Street?"

"Ten minutes max. Why?"

"I just need your help with a scene I came across on my way home; I'll explain everything in detail as soon as you arrive. Oh, and make sure you get Officers Grant and Houston to come with you, I'll need their expertise."

"Alright, Lieutenant," The Major sighed, "I'll be right over. Would it be too late to tell you to not touch anything?"

The Lieutenant laughed lightly, "You just worry about getting here quickly, okay, Major?"

"Okay, hang in there. Carson out."

Lieutenant Valentius heard the line go dead and he flipped his cell phone shut, slipping it back into his pocket.

"Why am I always the one who runs into a situation when I'm not on duty?" He muttered to himself, and turned to check on the girl.

As he reached the girl, the Lieutenant noticed that she was starting to stir slightly. He approached cautiously; yet making enough noise for her to register that someone was there. He didn't want to scare her by a sudden appearance. Lieutenant Valentius watched as the girl's eyes flickered open and she slowly sat up. Upon seeing him standing there, and realising where she was, the girl suddenly went rigid and started shaking, her amber eyes wide with fear as she remembered what had happened.

"Hey." Lieutenant Valentius walked up to the girl and knelt down next to her. "It's okay now."

He reached his hand out to brush her shoulder-length auburn hair away from her face and she flinched away from his touch. He cursed himself for being so stupid, but countered that with the thought that she needed to be comforted. Slowly, ever so slowly, did he wrap his arms around the girl and hold her close, trying to show her that he was there to keep her safe. At first she was stiff in his strong arms and she tried to struggle against him, but he refused to let go and she soon realised that he wasn't trying to hurt her.

"It's okay." The Lieutenant said again, "You're safe now, miss– What's your name?"

"S-Sava-Savanna." She managed to whisper through the tears that were now pouring down her face.

"Savanna. I'm Lieutenant Aydrien Valentius. I'm on the local Police force. You don't need to worry anymore; I'll keep you safe until back up arrives. Okay?"

Savanna slowly nodded against Aydrien's shoulder and Aydrien prayed that the Major would show up soon.