Grey petals bud upon my
Skin like paper phrases
Clinging to the white part
Of dreams where everything
Happens and the impossibilities
Are now impossible for
Anything is possible and more
Than plausible as I slip into
This state of almost sleep

A slow drip of poison falls
From my lips onto my
Knees and burns into my
Flesh like body making
Holes where wholeness
Used to be forming patterns
In my skin shapes I cannot
Quite understand and do
Not wish to comprehend
Because the evils of what
Perhaps is not evil at all is
What is most frightening

My fingers strum against
Notes flying in the air a
Chaos of musical composition
Raging in the silence of
It all and the deafening
Quiet broken and
Unfulfilled while noise
Is there but is not here and
I cannot hear it but I know
There is a piano being
Played somewhere but I
Can't get past the
Noiseless place I'm in I
Think it will kill me soon

Blue eyes are reflections
Of the sky and tearing
Into the minds of all
Those around me they
Think it's so safe and
They don't know the
Danger in simply living
Simply breathing in the
Life around you it will
Kill you and you don't
Even know why but it
Will and when it does
I will not be laughing nor
Crying but standing in
The center of nothingness
And everything around
Me is what makes it
So important to see that
I am obviously less than
Fit for my state of insanity