A/N - Surprise everyone! After completeing my story "How Did I Fall In Love With You?" and reading some of your comments (which are greatly appreciated), I have been doing some thinking and decide to write a sequel involving Sophie and Dylan's kids. Hope you like this one too and ihrtbks, TeenageSurvivor and hilaryjojo, this is for you for placing the idea in my head. Warning, will be a total cliched story and the title is from watching High School Musical one day.

Summary: Kelsie Davies has always wished she could find true love like how here parents did when they were in high school, but how can you if the one you fancy doesn't return the feelings back. Eventually giving up on the one she orginally wanted, which is her best friend Jacob Owens, she decides to get on with her life and hopes to find the perfect one for her. Thinking that her life is finally on track, suddenly things become confusing again when someone she thought she had lost forever comes back home.

"Go ahead Kelsie and make a wish."

Slowly raising my hazel eyes from the spot I had been vacantly staring at, playing with a strand of my light brown hair that I am absentmindedly twisting through my fingers, I look up at the faces waiting for me to blow out the twenty candles flickering on top of a chocolate brownie ice cream cake in front of me.

Smiling at everyone gathered around the table, I am happy that all my friends and family are here to share this special day with me, especially my older brother Trevor, who has inherited my father's good looks while I had inherited my mother's natural grace, and one of my closest and best friends, plus dorm mate, Gwendolyn Wu.

Now, I should be happy since today is my 19th birthday and I am finally of legal age to drink without anyone pestering me on being proper or choosing on what is right, but I can't help and think about the one who isn't here to celebrate with me, my best friend Jacob Owens.

In high school I've always had a kind of a crush on Jacob, almost to the point of loving him, but have always been afraid to let him know how I felt. It was difficult since he's my brother's best friend and he's four years older than me, but he has never shown really any signs of how he felt for me over the years I had known him and I guess I thought he might have only thought of me as Trevor's little sister. I even kept these feelings from our friends and my brother. Over there years, the two of us got closer and we became the best of friends.

Then one day near the end of his senior year, he told me that he had gotten into Harvard while I had gotten accepted at our local college, the same place where my brother is currently attending. I was happy that he had gotten into his dream school, but sad at the same time that I will be losing one of my closest friends.

You probably are thinking that I should have told Jacob how I felt since this might be my only chance to be with the guy I've always wanted, but after hearing that bit of shocking news I was a little taken back from it, not quite grasping the words he was saying to me. When it was time for me to say goodbye to him at the airport, I chickened out again. Instead, the only thing I said to him is that I will miss him the most and just watched as he boarded his plane, slowly slipping away and out of my life.

I never found true love like how my parents did when they were in high school, but now that I am in college, maybe I will find that chance for it…seeing the only I've always wanted is no longer here.

As I sit here staring at the extra candle that is supposed to be for good luck, I start to wonder what is going on with him at this moment, what he is doing right now, but to tell you the truth, I would have been much happier if he was here celebrating with me too.

'Why bother?' I thought to myself. 'It's not like it will come true'.

Resolving myself to that fact, I reluctantly close my eyes and silently made a wish…the wish that I hoped Jacob was here with me…and maybe one day see what's always been in front of him, waiting for him to return the feelings and love me back. Opening my eyes, I decide to whisper 'please' in a voice that was nothing more than what you might call a released breath before leaning forward.

When my dad turned on the lights after all the candles were successfully blown out, I saw my brother looking in my direction. He just nods his head at me and I'm sure he knew what I had wished for.

Growing up, Trevor and I were the typical siblings where we fight constantly and argue, but as we grew older we became closer and I always go to him when I need him and vice versa. He even suspected that I had feelings for his friend and one day asked me about it.

Making our sibling pact like we always do growing up when we share secrets with each other, I revealed that I did before, but now only think of Jacob as a friend since I just gave up on him, then asked him why he was asking me this all of sudden. I thought he would go brotherly of me since I was crushing on one of his friends and he's very protective of me. Trevor admitted that he did at first, but out of every guy in school I could have chosen, he thought Jacob was the best suited for his little sister. Then to my horror, he continued by confessing that once he questioned Jacob on how he felt about me, but Jacob told my brother that he only thought of me as a friend, confirming to myself that he never really was interested in me.

When Jacob told him how he felt, my brother always thought he was making a big mistake, but you can't pressure someone to like someone else just because you think they are right for each other. So instead, my brother just let nature take its course and if Jacob and I are meant to just be friends, then it will have to be.

After watching the plane leave, my brother quickly envelops me in a tight embrace as I softly cried against his shoulder.

"C'mon Squirt," Trevor whispered, placing an arm around my shoulders and shaking me out of my thoughts as the chairs made dragging noises against the hardwood flooring, pulling me towards the sitting room to where brightly coloured packages in all shapes and sizes sat in front of my favourite recliner.

I quickly snuggle deeper into the chair and getting as comfortable as I could, I start to rummage through the pile. A bit of help from a couple of my younger cousins, soon the mountain of presents has been whittled down to only one left.

Sitting here with the remaining gift on my lap and hearing the crackling sounds of the fireplace next to me, I lightly run a finger along the card bearing my name. Silently hoping that it was from Jacob since after opening all the gifts to see that none has been from him when he said he would send me one, I slowly start to open the envelope with my heart beating a mile a minute in anticipation. I let out a sigh when I read that it was from one of my aunts instead.

"He probably got too busy and ended up mailing it late," Gwen whispered, voicing my thoughts as she sat next to me.

"I guess," I sighed.

"I'm sure it will eventually show up a day or two later," she grinned before getting up and heading to the kitchen.

I first met Gwen on the second day of classes. I had just left the administrations office when I accidentally bumped into this Asian beauty with long, silky jet-black hair and eyes as dark as night. To most, Gwen may come off like this person who has this straight forward attitude that won't take any crap from anybody and would tell it to your face if you pissed her off. I've seen her do it to a lot of the guys who always wanted her attention and even some girls who got on her nerves, but once you truly get to know her, Gwen is really a nice person.

I thought the same about her on my first impression and thought Gwen would be one of those snobbish kind of girls since it looks like she's won a few beauty pageants, but I was lost and desperately needed help. I didn't know anyone in the school since my brother was already in class and most of my closest friends had left to pursue their dreams, so the only thing I could do was to suck it up and ask her. I was preparing for a quick snub, but instead I got lucky since Gwen already had the class the day before and offered to help by actually taking me there.

Since then, we've had many classes together since she wants to be a veterinarian while I want to become a paediatrician, the two of us have been the best of friends and I couldn't have chosen a better person.

"I almost forgot to give this to you," Gwen said as she passed me a photo.

Munching on a piece of my birthday cake, I take the picture from her hand and my eyes almost came out of their sockets at what I am seeing. It is a picture of me with some sort of pink lampshade on my head while I danced on top of a table.

"Where the heck did you get this?" I whispered.

"I took it that night you got wasted at Craig's house party," she smirked. "I just couldn't resist when you hopped on top of his table and started to almost do a striptease."

"I was not wasted," I retorted.

"Oh yes you were," she laughed. "You had…what ten bottles of beer that night?"

"For your information it was only six," I replied.

"Sure sure," she smirked again.

"Now tell me why you have this?" I demanded.

"I was thinking of showing your brother thinking he might like to use is as some sort of blackmail," she evilly smirked at me.

"You wouldn't dare," I warned.

"What if instead I decide to send one to Jacob?" she said, grinning even more evilly at me. "Maybe that will convince him to confess his love for you."

"Ha ha, very funny," I grumbled.

"And what's put you two in such a good mood?"

Gwen stops laughing and I turn my head to see Trevor standing in front of us.

"Oh hey Trev," I said, quickly tucked away the photograph behind me and ignoring Gwen's smirk.

"So what's so funny?" he asked again.

"Why don't you ask your sister?" Gwen suggested.

"It's nothing," I quickly replied, shooting a daggering look at her. I then start to smile when I notice Trevor fondly looking at Gwen.

Gwen's beauty has always attracted a lot of attention whenever we hung out with each other. When we went to our first house party, a crowd of guys had gathered right at our feet. Some of the guys even went up to ask me if I could put a good word for them. The funniest part was when she asked where she could get something to drink a whole bunch of them went out of their way for her. It sounded like a thunderstorm had erupted in the house with all these grown men running around, knocking each other, body checking them in the wall and tripping them onto the floor.

When I first introduced Gwen to my family, I wondered what my brother would think and the suspicions of my friend's stunning looks was confirmed after I saw Trevor's jaw drop open at the sight of her. When she went up to say hi to him, I almost burst out laughing since it almost looked like Trevor was about to swoon and go weak in the knees even though he was standing still. Then during dinner, she tried to strike up a conversation with him, but lo and behold, my brother who usually is the talkative one and jokester in our family had become tongue-tied. Thinking he was finally about to produce something out of his mouth, instead of actual words, he was stuttering, mumbling and constantly going pink at the tip of his ears whenever she just opened her mouth to speak. The funny thing about the entire situation is that for my brother, he's never acted this way in front of any girl.

During high school girls always want to go out with him and even went through me to be their messenger if they were too shy. Let me tell you sometimes that can be perfect blackmail when he drives me insane and especially comes in handy when it has to do with someone I know that he can't stand. Who would have thought that just a sight of one pretty girl could make him stumble around like a lovesick puppy?

Now sitting here with an empty plate in my hand and seeing my brother yearning after my best friend, I start thinking of ways on getting back at Gwen. Already suspecting that my brother likes her, I come up with a plan to see if she likes him back. An idea instantly pops up in my head and I start to slowly grin, an unholy and uncharacteristic naughty expression washing over my face. Seeing Gwen shoot her left eyebrow up, probably wondering what I have up my sleeve, I decide to put my plan into action.

"Hey Trev," I calmly said. "Why don't you join us?"

"Really?" he asked, still never leaving his gaze on Gwen.

"Sure," I replied, ignoring her suspicious gaze. "I'm sure if Gwen moved over a bit, we can probably fit you in."

"Is that okay with you?" Trevor asked her.

"I guess…" she hesitantly said, giving me another look.

Smiling, Trevor quickly sits down next to her and I swear I saw her blush and her eyes go wide when he absentmindedly flings his arm on the back of the sofa, brushing her shoulder in the process.

As Trevor and I chatted with each other, I notice Gwen looking at my brother in a way I've never seen before while he absentmindedly plays with a lock of her hair. She seems to be gazing at his lips now after flicking her eyes downwards from staring longingly into his hazel eyes that I am having difficulty holding in the laugh that wants to come bursting out of my mouth and embarrass her.

"Um Gwen?" Trevor asked, turning to face her.

"Sorry?" Gwen said, coming out of a daze. "What did you say?"

"I asked if you were alright," he replied. "You seemed to have spaced out a bit when I asked you how things are going with your classes.

"Oh, I'm doing fine," she quickly answered, completely not noticing that she still is staring at my brother's lips. "It couldn't be better."

"Um Gwen, is there something on my face?" he asked, self-consciously bringing his fingers to his lips.

"Why do you ask?"

"You seem to be staring at me and I can't help but wonder if I maybe left some whipping cream on my face."

"Actually there's nothing on your face," she lied. "I think you might have dripped some chocolate sauce on your shirt."

While my brother turns his head down to look for it, Gwen glowered at me as I unsuccessfully start to chuckle behind my plate that I am using to hide my face.

"Can you help me wipe it off?" Trevor suggested. "I can't seem to find where the spot is."

"Sure," Gwen replied, clearing her throat.

Grabbing a napkin and dipping one corner in a glass of water, she leans forward and grabs hold of his collar as he lifts up his chin so she could have better access. The insides of my stomach start to painfully hurt as I continue to struggle with my giggles while she rubs at the imaginary stain.

"There," she said, smiling sheepishly at him, placing one hand clutching the soaked napkin on her knee while the other pats down Trevor's shirt. "I think I got it all off."

"Thanks," Trevor grinned. "Hey Kels, is something wrong?"

"I-I'm f-fine," I stuttered, trying desperately to hold it in.

"If you say so," he said. Hearing our mom calling him, he abruptly moves his arm from behind Gwen and got up. "I better go see what Mom wants so I'll talk to you girls later."

I start to openly chortle again when I see Gwen watching him walk away, probably staring at his behind.

"Th-that was j-just too f-funny," I said, finally letting out the laugh I have been holding in. "I…hmmph…w-wish I h-had a c-camera with m-me to capture that m-moment."

"Shush you," Gwen warned.

"I-I'm…haha…I-I'm sure my b-brother would h-have loved to h-have you looking a-at him like he w-was a…haha…p-piece of meat waiting t-to be…haha…gobbled u-up…hahahaha."

"Maybe I should send that embarrassing picture of you to Jacob if you don't shut up."

"So," I said, clearing my throat and taking a sip of my drink. "I take it you like my brother then?"

"What do you think?" she grumbled. "I think I made a fool of myself."

"It seemed like you convinced him that he did have a chocolate mark on his shirt. I never knew you can lie so easily like that when in an awkward situation."

"What else was I supposed to do? He caught me staring at him."

"Why didn't you tell me that you liked my brother?" I asked.

"I thought you might have found it weird," she confessed, "especially if I told you that I think your brother is totally hot. I mean did you see how tight his jeans were across his-"

"That is one thing I didn't need to know," I quickly interrupted, slightly shuddering. "As for the two of you, I think you and he would be great together."

"You're kidding me?"

"Of course not, you idiot."

"Don't call me an idiot."

"Then stop being so dense," I sighed. "Besides I think my brother likes you too."

"Don't make fun of me Kels," huffed Gwen, folding her arms over her chest.

"I'm not," I replied. "I'm serious when I tell you that my brother likes you. I think he just hasn't done anything since you are so beautiful and all with all these guys fainting at the mere sight of you."

"You must think you're funny," she grumbled.

"Always," I laughed. "Anyway, I've never seen him act like how he did when he first met you. During the whole time we were in high school, he had so many girls lusting after him I thought it would get to his head at how popular he was. Instead it didn't and he never became cocky about it once. Now he just goes completely speechless when he sees you, but lately it seems that he's more relaxed around you."

"If you've approved of us getting together then why hasn't he done anything?" she asked.

"Why haven't you?" I smirked.


"Because you were scared right?" I asked. "You don't have to worry about anything. He was scared before too but at least he's doing something instead of fumbling over his words every time he talked to you…unless you were too smitten with him to notice."

"I noticed," she shyly grinned. "I thought it was really cute of him."

"And I'm sure you like all this attention he's giving you too," I grinned.

"I do," she admitted. "So then what should I do then?"

"I think all he needs is a push in the right direction," I said. "Especially since he's-"

"Since he's what?" she hastily asked when she saw me tighten my lips shut.

"He'll kill me if I tell you," I resolutely said through the corner of my mouth.

"Would you tell me what you were going to say if I told you I would destroy that incriminating picture of you?" she offered, waving the photo in front of my face.

"You sometimes can be a blackmailer," I grumbled, trying to snatch it away.

"So are you going to tell me?" she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at me.

"Fine," I huffed.

"So what is it?" she eagerly asked.

"Picture first," I said, holding out my hand.

"Not until you explain," she smirked.





Fighting a remark, the two of us glare at each other before howling in laughter.

"Are you gonna tell me or do you still want to continue with insulting each other?" she asked, taking a deep breath. "Maybe you're stalling hoping that I might change my mind about it."

"Are you?" I desperately pleaded.

"There is no chance I'm giving up on this," she grinned.

"Fine," I sighed. "When Trevor and I stayed over at our parents' house last Christmas, I was sneaking into his room to have a pillow fight with him when I overheard him confessing how he felt about you."

"What did he say?" she said, going all wide-eyed in anticipation.

"He was calling out your name in his sleep, saying he was pining for your love and affection," I explained. "I then quickly chucked a pillow at his head since he started getting into some intimate details on what he wanted to do with you. I didn't want to know what he was dreaming about…although I'm sure you wouldn't mind."

"Um…" she stuttered, blushing profusely.

"That's what I thought," I grinned.

"So if you suspect that he likes me, are you going to ask him about it?" she queried.

"Only on one condition," I calmly replied.

"Like what?"

"When the two of you do get together, you're not planning on having my brother staying overnight in our dorm, are you?"

"Well…it depends and you never know," she smirked knowingly.

"If you do then make sure I'm not there to witness anything disturbing okay?" I interrupted.

"Deal," she laughed. "So when are you going to ask him?"

I was about to respond when we were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

"Now who could that be?" I said in wonder, glancing down at my watch. "It's almost 10."

"Kels!" my mom yelled from the kitchen.

"Yeah?!" I hollered back.

"Can I see who it is?!"

"I guess I better do what she says," I said.

"Come back quick so we can continue talking about this," she said, bouncing up and down on the couch.

"For sure," I grinned.

Leaving to see who it is, I mentally check off the list of people who were invited, still confused at who could be arriving at this late hour. With a yawn coming out of my mouth, I open the door.

Stopping in mid-yawn, I can't believe who it is I am staring at as his dazzling smile greets me and instantly my stomach starts to flutter.


"Hi Kelsie," he gently smiled.

The last time I saw him, he had short, blonde hair, and a very scrawny body. The past couple years seemed to have changed him for the better actually. His hair is now a dirty-blonde, little longer in length and slightly wavy, (much better suited for him); he seemed to have grown out of that boyish body into a much more toned form, with broad shoulders and a firm chest with a bit of muscle rippling underneath his shirt with every breath he took. His face had also filled out a bit, instead of that bony sunk-in look he had in high school and no longer wore glasses.

"So are you going to just stand there or are you going give me a hug before inviting me in?" he said with mirth as he held out both arms.

"Oh, sorry," I said, going into his embrace.

"Hey Kels," Trevor called out from the hallway. "What's taking you so-Jacob!

Letting go of each other, my brother then immediately comes over, shoving past me to give Jacob a manly one armed hug.

"Sorry about Kelsie," Trevor grinned. He let's go then turns to look at me. Placing a hand on my shoulder, he mockingly stoops down so that he was at eye level with me. "You open the door and let the person in. Open. Let in. Open. Let in. Understand?"

"You're such an idiot," I said, rolling my eyes at him and pushing him away to close the door.

"But I'm still your favorite brother," he replied, standing up straight and looking smug.

"That's because you're my only brother," I shot back.

"Whatever," he laughed. "So Jacob, when did you get back?"

"My plane arrived about two hours ago," he replied. "I figured I should drop by and say hi."

"Well glad you could make it," Trevor grinned.

"Oh Kels," Jacob said, turning back in my direction. "Before I forget, here is your present."

"Thanks," I said, still not believing that my other best friend sort of made it in time for my birthday.

"I'll talk to you later okay?" he grinned.

"Of course she will," Trevor said, pulling his friend along the hallway.

Without another word, I stood there watching my brother and my other best friend disappearing around the corner.

"So that's Jacob," Gwen announced, appearing beside me. "I guess we don't have to send that picture of you to convince him to come back."

"Shush you," I muttered.

"As much as I want to be introduced to the guy you used to pine for," she teased, "I'd rather like to continue discussing what we were just talking about."

"Let's," I agreed.

Shaking my head once more, instead of thinking why Jacob came back all of a sudden, I decide to follow my friend back into the sitting room to figure out what we should do to get her and my brother finally together.