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Sitting here under the twinkling stars on this warm, fall night and hearing the sounds of music playing, the moon shines brightly above the guests, some dancing and some sitting, talking or just observing as I continue to watch everyone laugh and having fun. It had been a long day as I rub at my tender feet, holding one of the white stilettos in my hand, but at least the day turned out perfect.

In the morning, my mom was crying her eyes out, partially happy that the wedding day is finally here and partially worried about the weird weather since according to the weather network, the forecast had called for rain. Luckily for us, instead the sun had shone brightly during the ceremony, with just wisps of clouds in the sky while small gusts of wind swirled mutli-coloured leaves around everyone who attended. I guess the rain dance the girls and I did to cheer her up had worked. Now turning my head to gaze at the decorations, you can't even tell that this is the backyard of my parents' home.

Opaque glass votive holders are floating in our pool and scattered around the garden, lining the walkways and lightening up the night sky. Miniature glass lanterns adorn each table, giving off a soft, dreamy glow, creating a feeling of ambiance around you while flowers are scattered around the backyard and throughout the reception area for a fall theme. A simple potted orchid is the main centerpiece; bottles of white and red wines with personalized labels stand on each side of it and leaf embossed rings secure the white linen napkins on top of the matching tablecloth littered with petals. A stack of four glass coasters tied together with a single burgundy ribbon with the word LOVE etched in are everyone's take home favors.

Off to the side is the partially cut-up wedding cake sitting under an ivy-covered arbor. On the top layer is a hilarious cake topper of the bride holding a fishing pole and using it to catch the groom trying to escape. The same flower petals are scattered around the cake, making the whiteness of the buttercream icing stand out against the soft candlelight.

Hearing the soft sounds of the waves crashing against the shore as I absentmindedly fiddle with the diamond ring on my finger, my attention is drawn towards Trevor as he grabs Gwen and pulls her to the middle of the dance floor. Watching Gwen throw her head back in laughter as Trevor spins her around, I am happy that the two of them have always been there for me even when they enjoy making my life miserable. Sure, there are times where I wished I could take back the embarrassing things they've done for me, like having to deal with an almost naked Jacob in just a towel, twice, at least something good did come out of it.

On the day Jacob and I became a couple, during dinner Gwen and Trevor kept teasing us the entire night, hinting things that should never be said to parents. After the questions and concerns my parents were shooting at the two of us, Jacob and I eventually told them about our newfound relationship as we all sat in the living room eating dessert and having coffee. To my surprise, my mom leaps up from where she was sitting, screaming at the top of her lungs and engulfs Jacob in the tightest hug I have ever seen. When she let go, my dad just pulls Jacob towards him, patting him on the back in a manly hug, trying not to become overjoyed like my mother, although I did see him squeeze Jacob around the shoulders a little tighter than normal.

Once everyone finally had settled down, my mom then started asking when the wedding was going to be. Jacob turned the brightest red I have ever seen as he cleared his throat when my mom started questioning about grandchildren. I jumped in, telling her that we just got together and that there is no rush, but she just shushed me and continued getting more and more excited.

Not knowing what to do and looking at my brother and Gwen, who by the way was holding back their laughter in each others' shoulders, I started to open my mouth when Jacob loudly clears his throat again. He explained to both my parents that he loves me and will do whatever it takes to take care of me, but he doubts that I was ready to be married so soon, even if he asked me right then and there as he grabbed my hands.

Hearing what he just said, I just sat there all dumbstruck, not sure of how I should respond as everyone else goes completely silent. Turning to face him, he gazes deeply into my eyes and continues on, telling me that he wouldn't mind proposing to me, but knew I still had a few more years of school to finish before making that kind of commitment. Then on the day I finally graduated, Jacob took me out to a romantic dinner and popped those four life changing words.

"Can I join you?"

Hearing a voice interrupting my thoughts, I turn to see Trevor standing there smiling at me.

"I thought you were out there dancing with your bride?" I smiled.

"She's out there dancing with Seth," he grinned.

"Who would've thought my Don Juan of an older brother would actually settle down with someone?"

"Hey, when you find the right person, what's more perfect than being with them if you really love them?"

"That is true. Anyway, everything turned out perfect today, don't you think? And Gwen. I saw how you looked at her as we stood at the alter. It was a look of love and devotion and I'm sure I detected tears in your eyes."

"How can I not get emotional?" he replied. "She is so beautiful and mesmerizing I still can't believe I have someone like her as my wife. It's all thanks to you and Jacob you know. Without your guys' help, today wouldn't have turned out the way that it did."

"Well you know you can always count on me," I grinned.

"Yes, but are you sure it wasn't because you wanted to get away from mom constantly bugging you about when you and Jacob were going to get married?" he quipped. "I'm sure that must be it since we all know that Gwen got a bit overly obsessed at times to the point where we almost yanked out all our hair."

"That may have been part of it, but I still would have helped you out no matter what," I replied. "You are my big brother and I want to always see you happy."

"Uh oh," he muttered as the two of us watched mom grab Jacob and pulled him to the dance floor. "Maybe you better go rescue your fiancé from mom."

"Nah," I grinned. "He'll be fine. Speaking of mom, guess what she did after you and Gwen said 'I do'?"


"I found out from Jasmine that mom had told her she was glad one of her offsprings is finally married and even said 'One down and one to go'. She then told her that now she hopes that you and Gwen are going to have grandchildren right away."

"What is it with parents and their need to bug us about things like that?" Trevor sighed.

"Who know," I said. "Maybe it's their way of tormenting us. Anyway, feel like dancing with your baby sister?"

"Let's show them all how it's done," he said as he held out his hand in front of me.

Laughing, he swiftly guides me through the maze of people and onto the dance floor.

"So, what were you thinking about when I interrupted you?" Trevor whispered as we gently swayed to the music.

"Everything that has happened I guess."

"Kels, after everything the both of you have been through just to be together, I can't imagine any other two people who deserve all the happiness our lives have to offer. Not even with me and Gwen. Just treat him well. And he better treat you well too or I'm coming after him."

"You know I will big brother."

Smiling at each other, we continue to sway when we hear someone clearing their throat behind us. Both turning around, we see Jacob standing there smiling a gleeful smile, whose eyes are shining brightly at me, offering a hand to take Trevor's place. Letting go of my brother, I notice that he is proudly grinning at his best friend, a tear starting to slowly run down his cheek as he silently hands me over. Just as Jacob is about to wrap his arms around my waist, Trevor gently grabs my arm and wraps me in one of his tightest hugs.

"Thanks for everything Kels," he whispered. "I love you."

"I love you too," I sniffled.

Slowly letting me out of his embrace, he lightly brushes his lips across my cheek before handing me back to Jacob.

"Take care of her," Trevor smiled.

"You know I will," Jacob grinned.

As Jacob and I continue to dance under the stars, I never would've believed that the one whom I've always crushed for, the one whom I've always wanted is now mine. I guess you could say that my birthday wish had finally come true.