I am an empty box but
Also a black canvas unable
To be painted over again
Because someone ruined
Everything and suddenly I'm
Lost again in the pain of
Memories like melodies of
Who we were meant to be and
Everything is really nothing as
The sun rises and I'm still
Up trying to remember why
I still remember you at all

My body trembles and
Shakes likes winters
Nights and stars that
Shine just so I could kiss
A boy that doesn't love
Me will never love me I
Need some sort of
Closure but nothing ever
Stopped before because
You are so insecure you
Can't quit before you
Really win what never was

I hate you and in the same
Breath I love who you're
Supposed to be because
You're supposed to be
Someone other than who
You have become but
I think you know that and
Hate that because you have
Changed and also stayed
The same that you are a
Poisonous beauty who
Everyone adores and also
Abhors and things never
Make any sense with you like
You tilt the world away from
How it's supposed to be

And even though you hurt
Me there will always be that
Place inside where you will
Linger for always and I
Don't think I want that but
Maybe it makes somehow
Better than I was before or
Perhaps not maybe after all
That has happened and all
That has burned inside my
Pitiful soul I'm just another
Heartbroken girl that plagues
This death-filled planet

I am an angel whose wings
Were torn off my back and
Blood drips down my legs while
I lift my hands to pray a
Shallow prayer for death and
Life or something other than
The in between I have but for
Now I'm just a girl with
Fallen dignity who knows no
Love and cannot see the
Light inside the darkened
Sky so now I want to leave and
Let death swallow me with
One breath for life is but the
Slanted hope that murders
Every dream I once desired