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Chapter #1: Open the doors to the adventure

The knight lifted up his sword as the orcs ran straight at him.

"So, fowl beasts, I've finally found your liar!" the paladin announced as the green-skinned humanoids came closer. "Never again will you cause the people of the village harm!" and with that his sword cut the air before opening the first attacker's stomach. Before the orc even dropped to the ground, the knight's sword changed direction and chop of the head of another enemy.

The shining blade of the crusader's weapon kept on dancing around him with a cutting sound, bringing more and more of the beasts to their ultimate fate. As the last of the orcs let out his final cry, the knight allowed his sword to rest. The battle was over and finally the peo…

"Even though it's literature class, I'd really appreciate if you'd concentrate on the topic in stead of reading some fantasy stories" announced the man in a tuxedo as he grabbed the book that one of his students was reading.

The boy, who was caught red handed, raised his head up and instantly stood up to receive more scolding. His spiky, orange hair with a long ponytail falling on his back flashed before the teacher's eyes as the boy bowed in an apologizing act: "I'm terribly sorry, Sakamatu-sensei!" the boy replied, a little louder then he should, as embarrassment slowly took over. "I… I just…"

"Save it, Masurao!" the man stopped him, rising his hand. "I'll take your book for now. You can get it back once school is over. Now sit down" and with that he headed towards the blackboard, while the boy settled down and propped his chin against his desk.

That boy was named Masurao Mikomi, sixteen year-old high school student. He had brown eyes and his grades were bellow average. He trained martial arts and loved action/adventure books. No favorite subject, favorite food: ramen. He's a daydreamer with no special skills besides fighting. And apparently, he's the hero of this story.

"You really should start paying attention in class, Mikomi-kun" announced a girl with medium-length, black hair, blue eyes and a strange, silver medallion around her neck, as she walked over to him when literature class was over. "If you won't, you'll just keep getting into trouble and besides, you can't just live your life by only reading fantasy books."

"But this one was so awesome!" the orange-haired boy replied excitedly as he turned towards her. "The hero, sir Gallagar, was so freaking strong! He alone managed to defeat a band of orcs, brought down a dragon and won against the demon Algalar in the monster's own hideout! And none of those adversaries even managed to scratch him!"

"If so, then it seems like a pretty boring book where the hero is undefeated" the girl replied, sweat dropping.

"You'll never understand, Mabui" Mikomi announced calmly, his excitement dropped. "All those adventures and new places. Sir Gallagar really had an interesting life, so much unlike this boring existence of mine. Just once, once I wish that I too could go on such an adventure! To find a Holy Graal or rescue the kidnapped princess or defeat the dragon!"

"You do realize that those are just fantasy stories, right?" the girl asked, sweat dropping even more.

"Of course I do" the boy responded, slightly annoyed by the lack of understanding in his friend's voice.

"Look, Mikomi, this is real life" she reminded him gently. "Not some stupid, action/adventure story. And in real life, you don't go slaying dragons, but study. You don't go looking for Holy Graal, but for your keys. And there are no more princesses."

"It doesn't have to involve fairies and the sort. I just want it to be interesting" he announced as the school bell rang. Immediately Mabui ran down the hallway and waved goodbye to him.

"Sorry, Mikomi-kun, but I need to go. My history class is about to start. You better hurry for your math as well, otherwise Sakamatu-sensei may not give you your book back!" and a moment later she disappeared from his view. The boy only let out a sigh and went on his way as well.


"Finally the day is over and I can see how sir Gallagar's adventures came to a conclusion!" Mikomi yelled victorious as he threw his hand to the sky, holding his book tight in it. Mabui only giggled at her friend's behavior and once he settled down, she smiled to him warmly.

"I guess I should get ready for tomorrow then."

"Why, they didn't give us any homework?" asked the boy a little confused.

"No, I have to get ready to listen all about sir Gallagar and the way his adventures ended" she replied with a smile as she walked towards her house. But before she disappeared behind the corner, she turned around and called after her friend, gaining his attention: "Just don't forget that tomorrow's Hibiki-chan's birthday and we're both invited to the party! You better had bought her a present already!"

"Don't worry, it's already waiting in my closet!" Mikomi replied back and then, receiving another smile from the girl, he went on his way as well.

It was kinda late, so he decided to use a shortcut that led through his family's neighbors backyard. In order to do so, he turned into a narrow alley that led straight to a dead end, which was a hoarding that separated Takayanagi's family household from the street. On the right there was another hoarding, as tall as Mikomi was himself, while on the left there was a small park with trees, which threw long shadows over the alley.

Mikomi glanced at them as sunrays shun through the empty spaces between the tree and because of that he didn't even realize that there was someone else in the alley beside him. As the orange-haired boy bumped right into someone, he lost balance and landed on the ground.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going" he apologized while slowly standing up, not even bothering to see who he bumped into. It was because of that that he felt surprised when an annoyed, deep voice shoot back at him:

"Well, sorry won't do, punk" he heard and as he glanced before him, he saw a trio of delinquents standing in his way. The one out front had a green mohawk on top of his head and was wearing black, The other two looked more like everyday high school students. "You made me drop my cigarette so now it's only fair that you'll pay me for my loss. Give me your greens!"

"Funny, I don't see any cigarettes on the ground" replied Mikomi calmly as he glanced around the alley. Most likely he could outrun the three if he'd turn around and sprint down the street, but he certainly wasn't planning to do so. People like that really piss him off and he wouldn't want to miss an occasion to teach some a lesson.

"It rolled down and stopped somewhere in the park bushes" the mohawk replied, seriously pissed.

"Right" the orange-haired boy replied with a smirk. "Well, though luck, coz I don't intend to say goodbye to my wallet" he announced, putting his hands into his pockets.

"Say goodbye to your face then!" the mohawk shoot back as he aimed his fist into Mikomi's head.

The boy instantly leaned forward, avoiding the punch and spun on his foot, launching a spin kick into his opponent's face. As his attack connected, the other, two goons run straight at him. Mikomi acted immediately and pulling his hands out of his pockets, he delivered a powerful punch into the first one's chin.

The other delinquent managed to throw a punch at him, before Mikomi could react, yet the orange-haired boy was left unharmed as he grabbed the incoming fist with his hand and then, grabbing by the wrist, he tossed his opponent over his shoulder, making him crush hard against the hoarding.

By this time mohawk already regained his posture and charged again, only o receive a powerful elbow in the stomach. As he took several steps back, to keep his balance, Mikomi once more spun on his foot and delivered another kick into his face, knocking the delinquent to the ground.

The first goon tried to use that moment to attack from behind, but the orange-haired boy saw right through it and blocked the incoming punch with his hand before landing few hits with opened palms to his opponents chest, making him gasp for air.

Then the mohawk attacked again, this time getting his ears smashed by Mikomi's opened palms. He felt his head getting slightly dizzy and made few moves in order to keep himself on his feet. After shaking his head and regaining the clear view of the situation, he ran towards the park with his two 'friends' close on his track.

"Wait, didn't you want my money?" Mikomi called after them and followed pursuit.

The instant the delinquents realized he was chasing them, they speed up, but Mikomi did the same: "You're not getting off the hook that easily!" he yelled, but then something caught his eye.

He looked to his left and saw something deflecting the sunrays that shun through the trees. He stopped, completely forgetting about the three goons and slowly walked towards the shining object, curious. He pushed the bush away and noticed a very strange thing laying on the ground.

It was some sort of metal hand protector, which looked pretty old. It had a strange, black symbol on the outside, which resembled kanji, but it wasn't one Mikomi could recognize. Also, at the part that was suppose to cover the arm, there were nine stones that seemed like jewels, but they were more black and didn't shine at all.

Mikomi slowly reached for the object with his right hand and the instant he touched it, the hand protector just shoot to the sky and flew right at him. Before he managed to do a thing, it placed itself on his right hand. The boy jumped back, completely shocked by what just happened.

"What the hell?" he yelled, waving his hand up and down like he was trying to shake the hand protector off, although by no means did he wished to leave that thing behind. The instant he calmed down, he looked at it again and took a deep breath. "What am I so stressed about? It's just a piece of old metal, all I need to do is take it off" and with that he tried to separate the object from his hand, but the moment he did so, he felt that it was somehow glued to his arm.

"Oh come on!" he yelled, panicking slightly. "What is this, some candid camera? Get off!" he ordered and grabbed a stick to help himself get the hand protector off, yet the only thing he achieved, was breaking the stick in half. "Okay, so you won't get off then" he said to himself, letting out air.

He took few, deep breaths to calm down and once more looked the object over. His eyes stopped at the nine jewels that gained his attention before. "So maybe you're just some alien technology and these are the buttons to operate you? If so, one must be the 'get off' button" he concluded and began pressing the jewels, but absolutely nothing happened. "So much for that theory" he said to himself, sweat dropping. "Now what do I do?"

After thinking another moment he only shrugged and picking up his schoolbag, which he dropped when chasing after the goons, he headed back home. "When I'll think off something to take you off, you can be sure I'll do it" he announced to the hand protector almost like it could understand him.

Being so absorbed in the whole 'hand protector incident', Mikomi failed to realize that he was being watched by a mysterious figure that stood nearby, propped against a tree. It was a boy around his age with long, black hair, clipped in a ponytail and green eyes. He was wearing a mostly blue outfit and had golden hand protectors with black symbols on each of them covering his hands.

This is not good the figure thought to himself as he observed Mikomi walking away. Someone found it before me. He doesn't seem like one of Chong's underlings, but I don't suppose that's a reason to be happy about. This makes things a bit more complicated. And what's more, that's one of the two locks, Yasuragi. Out of all Tenshubuki this is the most important one! So what should I do?

Meanwhile Mikomi already reached the alley and jumped over the hoarding, leading to the Takayanagi's backyard. The figure looked after the orange-haired boy and used his leg to bounce off the tree. For the time being I suppose it's best to just observe him. Once Yasuragi chooses its wielder, it's not so easy to take it off. I must learn what type of person is that kid. If he's good, then I can take him to my father and have him unseal it. And if he's bad… then I'll have to kill him.


"Mom, I home!" announced Mikomi as he walked into the house, taking off his shoes. To his surprise however there was no-one in sight. He walked towards the kitchen and saw a small note attached to the fridge. He glanced at it and let out a sigh. "Mother's got another, important business and won't be coming home today. So what else is new?" he asked himself and took out some instant ramen.

Mikomi's dad died when he was still very little and since then he was living with his mother. She was a businesswoman that earned quite a bit of money, but because of that she was also rarely at home, so most of the time the orange-haired boy was alone in the house.

At first it really bothered him, but after a while he realized that he won't manage to change a thing, so he had to learn who to take care of himself. The whole situation had just one, positive note: all this allowed him to be independent.

After eating his suffer and reading the adventures of sir Gallagar, he made a short, movie marathon and slowly went off to bed. As he laid down in his bedroom, he raised his right hand and once again took a good look at the hand protector that was now attached to his arm.

"I wonder what the hell are you" he said to himself, completely ignoring the fact that his new part of wardrobe wasn't exactly something that can be called normal. Curiosity had taken over anything else. "What are those jewel like thingies? And what is that symbol on you?" he asked questions, knowing that he won't receive an answer. He then smiled to himself and dropped his hand. "Who knows, maybe you're my Excalibur?"

If only Mikomi would know.

But he couldn't. For there was no way for him to realize that finding this hand protector will change his life forever. Nor could he knew that the events of that day will open the doors to the adventure he always hoped for. But the thing with adventures is that when you're a hero of one, you can never be sure if you'll survive through it. And most certainly managing that was going to prove extremely difficult for him and the people who were going to get involved.

To be continued…

And that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed what you read. Also, I figured it'd be better to give you translations for the two, Japanese words that I used in this chapter (there will be more as the story will go on):

Yasuragi literally it means 'peace'

Tenshubuki consists of two words: 'tenshu' meaning God and 'buki' meaning weapon. So put together it means "God's weapon" (at least that's what I intended it to be called)

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