She feels multicolored
Pain seep into her bones like
Rainbows are really bullets
Being shot from pretty
Guns driven into her flesh and
Leaving unseen scars that
Make her all the more unbeautiful

She strips down to her
Rotting flesh and sings in a
Low voice the song of
Hopelessness for what never
Was and what remains of
Nothingness her mouth but
A bucket being filled with
Water words reflections of
The dying skies and darkened
Stars that no longer shine for her

Her fingers wrap around the
Shoulders of people who want
To hold her want to love her and
She cries for them because she
Can only bring anguish and in their
Eyes she sees that they need
Someone more someone better and
That she really is meant to be
Forever walking alone along the
Paths of this life because brokenness
Isn't meant to be shared

Wet falls through her fingers like
Raindrops she wants to soak
Them through her skin and become
The storm instead of flesh but
They slide off her body laughing
At the tears masked by the ever
Plummeting shards of water echoing
As they die splashed onto
The deadly surface of the Earth

She hates everything but also
Can't help but adore the
Things that surround her she
Is a mess of confusion and
Ignorance and is everything that
She can't stand in a person she
Wants to live and die but is
Too scared of breathing to stop
Her breaking lungs from
Collapsing because air is the
Reality she doesn't want to believe
Because that means she can't
Pretend that being alone doesn't
Scare her more than anything

Her eyelids are dropping across
Blue gray stones softly lodged
Into her head and sleep might be
Longed for if she weren't already
Dreaming things that no one wants
To see and maybe she really is
Crazy but it doesn't matter since
That is what everyone keeps
Telling her anyway

And if love has truly left her then
Why does she still long for
Something more than what she
Still never will have