Hopes and Dreams

Every time I see you,

My heart flips over for you

I tell myself it's silly and quite girlish

But hopes and dreams continue

Without my telling them to

And I have no choice but to reign them in

Cause you're:


Far away as the diamond bright stars

To catch one would be just lucky

Elusive as the gold at the end of the rainbow

To find it would be quite sublime


Bright as the far and untouchable sun,

To hold its fine glory's impossible

Enchanting as the silvery moon in the night sky

To bottle up the rays would be divine



But hopes and dreams are still there

And even if you don't care

I have those dreams and hopes right there to catch me

So I'm not givin' up yet

I'll keep on placin' my bet

In hopes and dreams you'll turn and notice me


A/N: I may add more verses later on.