A poem I thought about at my graduation dance. I found myself wondering how some feel watching the person they like, ask someone else to dance. Hope you like it. :) Please review!

Hope for Next Year

The music plays a lively beat,

But my heart sinks in sad defeat

As you walk over to the girl you asked

And now I wish this night wouldn't last.

You lead her by the hand onto the floor

And I turn to slip quietly out the door.

Hurt tears brim my eyes,

But I will myself not to cry.

I may be dressed up with glittering make-up and flowing hair

But you passed right over me; life isn't fair.

Why can't you see that I am the one for you?

That if you had chosen me I would always be true.

Why couldn't you ask me to dance?

Or even spare me a simple warm glance.

Please, show me that you know I am here,

So maybe, just maybe I can hope for next year.