Glutton for Love

Horrid starvation of the soul.
Killed only by lack of love.
Oh! What a meal you would have been!
A feast indeed.
And I would have let you feast upon me,
I admit, I'm a glutton for love..

A tale once told a thousand times, I dare to tell again.

I did let you feast upon me,
Until there was nothing left,
Only scraps for the dogs.
And then you, knowing my hunger,
Ripped the food away before It could even touch my lips.
I died of starvation not long after.
And to this day, I know not who to blame.
Should I blame myself for allowing Myself to be feasted upon?
Or should I blame you for my proud, pathetic death?
For having no sympathy for the slowly dying?
I don't know what to do,
I never have.
That was my mistake.
That was why I allowed myself To fall in love with you.
I loved you?
I was in love with you.
And oh, what a feast you would've made..