This is the kind of girl i long to be, the kind who doesn't take shit from shit, and knows she's it.

She has that special smirk and if she says your name, you'll be sighing until the end of your days.

She looks distant and cold but she's the most empathetic thing that will ever sing to you.

She's the devil's little niece who'll stay off her knees, and you'll like it.

She's the most perfect imperfection that feeds your attraction.

She wears chokers and black bracelets, she'll love you if you let her.

But all the men seem to want a girl who's submissive,

Who's shy and kisses them on command,

Who faints at everything they do,

Who'll get on her knees,

Whos's perfect,

Who says "I love you"

And will never mean it.