Power Outage

The snow is fallingOh so quietly
Onto the ground.
The power is out
And I'm here alone.
Reading about someone else's life
By candlelight and At my side lies a dead phone.
But I'm not really reading you see,
I'm dreaming.
I'm dreaming a dream
About a girl who's free.
She walks, runs, jumps,
Anywhere she likes.
But is sad,
Though it doesn't show.
She chokes back her sobs
With a lump in her throat.
As she realizes she has no home.
She cries, and cries, and screams,
"I wanna fuckin' die!"
As she runs into the street, a man saves her.
Her savior whom she loves,
But does not love her in return.
I'm dreaming,
Dreaming a memory.
Because, oh!
Can't you see?
Can't you see
That little girl is me?
The snow is falling,
Oh so quietly,
Onto the ground.
The power is out and I'm here alone.