Whispers fall like shooting stars

Streaming, burning, glorious

Shining as if nothing else exists

A faint smile licks her lips

As she whispers with starry eyes.

Golden grain bows to the right

The heads swaying with the delicate

Wispy wind from her lips.

The words waft as smoke

Wrapping around and around

Constricting and freezing

With nicotine flavoring she beckons

Cherry blossom lips.

There is no turning back

Her whispers envelop

Twisting and turning through the velvet night

To a mountain in the distance

Covered in rose gardens half dead.

Her lies blow upon the breeze

Swaying slightly, delicately, sensuously.

A stone rises out of the ground

And it feels as if nothing else could matter

The onyx grins and flickers

Inviting, provoking, enticing.

The whispers stream like stars

Burning through the night

A warning of past slaves

Travel north to the sea

Yet the sea is so very far away,

The whispers fall as rain

Splattering the stone

And you drop to your knees to wipe the pearls

To sooth the sorrow,

And the world fades away as the grave caves in

Her whispers lace the wind

Inviting, enticing, deadly.