In a world of unique pain

A small crack forms upon the barren land,

Thin and intricate like the veins of a leaf.

And as it forms, the clouds pass across the sun.

Rain falls, slowly filling up the crack with the angel's tears.

The sun sinks and night consumes the land,

Covering it in a sheet of bitter cold.

Water within the crack freezes, causing the crack to expand,

Widening it as it cuts across the land like a sinister black scar.

Year after year the rain falls, the ground freezes, and the crack expands

Until a canyon with ragged walls forms upon the world of pain.


I stand at the edge of the canyon

Staring back at you on the other side.

You seem so close yet,

So far away.

My arms reach out to you,

And though the darkness separates us,

I still feel your hand in mine

If only for a moment.