I'm a lonely kid
With sadness and pain
In my heart
Lost the ones
Who dear to me
Never finding peace
In my soul
Afraid to love
And embraced the dark
Alone in a small cold corner

And have been betrayed
That's my meaningless life...

A/N: I know it's not that good. I just did it. Dunno if it even makes sense. I was just so bored during lessons in school and my childhood friend kept playing with a rubber band and he kept disturbing me. I don't even know why I even like him in the first place. LOL. Really, I like him. LOL. It's not personal, btw. Let me tell ya, A LOT of girls like him so no worries. LOL.

So anyway, I just took a pen and paper and write. That's it! Don't need to review if you don't want too. But still, REVIEW!!! LOL