Unless it be within a script,
I never could conform
And when we were on stage,
'Twere in your shadows I performed
Very clear it soon became
I hadn't been selected
Even when we circled 'round
I felt so disconnected

The claim that we were strangers
Lasted longer than it should
The drastic loss of interest said
What no words ever could
'Tis far too true I am alone;
I'm painfully aware
And yet, it seems rejection hits
Before I can prepare

I live and breathe this solitude,
The absence of a touch
Now I want to feel I'm wanted
For I've never felt as such
The angels of my passions,
That is, the ones who weren't lies
Were those you joyed in shooting down
Like arrows from my happy skies

Ideal displays of closer ties
Were truly ill-conceived
Alas, let she be named a fool
For choosing to believe
Misguided by the pleasant times
Of which were far too few
My downfall be my fatal flaw;
I placed my trust in you

Supposing that I move along
And never turn my back
I trust that nay you'll see
That of my presence, there's a lack
Now I shall flee and fantasize
That all is very well
I'll strap myself to phantoms
Though I know I'll end in Hell

Farewell, farewell, I'll miss you so!
Past is the time I wait
I'll never get the chance to see
If you reciprocate
I'll think about you often
Though I never could forget
You're better off without me,
But you just don't know it yet