Love is…or letting go

Love knows when to let go

The person you love.

Love is selfish,

With undying emotion

And truth.

Love knows when your heart has to go

And seek redemption.

Love is a journey that

Only time can tell.

Love is a beginning of

The end

And the end of the beginning.

Love is a paradox,

A riddle,

A puzzle.

With only few words left to describe love:

Love is a feeling

Love is an emotion.

Love flows through the blood

Pumping life.

Love flows like how the water flows in a river,

With twist and turns

And never ending,

With different direction:

With pain,

With sadness,

With sorrow,

With happiness,

With forgiveness.

Most importantly,

Love is love,

Love is everywhere

And yet can't be seen.

Love can only be felt

Through your touch,

With kisses, and with hugs.

But now love is just ending,

When fall begins,

When the leaves fall of the trees,

That's when I know

That love is over.

But I can always for next year when

The leaves fall,

To remember our time,

To remember what love is.