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I am writing a story and wanted to do a little test run for my characters, well here it is!

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Jeremy, Asher and Tommy, three fairly average fifteen year old boys, stood at the corner waiting, incredibly bored.

Why you ask? Because Tommy's taste in music had got the better of him that's why and now he was dragging his friends to a very emo-ish concert, or trying too.

"Uh, Tommy? I don't think the bus runs through here."

"You shut up, it'll come, you'll eat your words!"

Asher glanced at the other teens sitting near by; they were sitting cross-legged, meditating he assumed, with one hand resting on each knee and ipods sending music to the small buds into their ears.

They were like monks.

Ipod monks.

Asher assumed if one opened their mouth you would hear a dial tone.

"Do I have to wear these stupid emo clothes?" Jeremy whined.

"Yes, yes you do."

"But the pants are too tight!"

"I know, so are mine."

Asher, who had been snapped out of his daze by the unintentional innuendo, turned his attention back to them.

"What are the suspenders for anyway? You're not even wearing them properly!"

Now years of friendship meant that Jeremy knew Tommy's behavior pretty well and he could see he was on the verge of one of his rants on emo fashion and ignorance so, seeing his chance, he grabbed Tommy by the straps.

"Can't you tell by how they're connected Asher? They aren't suspenders anymore, they're ass-straps!"

He yanked on them for an illustration, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you see it, this threw Tommy's balance out of wack, jerking him forward and resulting in him pining Jeremy against the wall by accident.

The stared at each other, nose to nose, for a moment bright red.

"Uh… Yeah, what he said." mumbled Tommy.

Asher just shook his head and grinned at them, brushing some light brown hair out of his eyes.

"Man you too have so much UST it's hilarious!"

The both turned to glare at him, keeping their current position and causing black hair to mix with dirty blond.

"Shut up." They cried in unison only causing Asher to laugh harder…

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