Ghost kisses burn where
Shadowed lips once touched mine and
Phantom fingers brush across my
Skin shooting stars rushing through my
Spine like electricity is mixed into
My bloodstream a river of black lightening
Tugging at my pulsing veins

Rain splashes into my eyes like
Liquid fire burning into my skull with
A passionate stare while red runs
Down my face into my mouth it
Tastes like a tattooed tongue too
Much metal grasping at the moist
Pink and flooding it with colors of
Hopeless longing I can't help but crave

There is thunder dancing across my
Blinded eyes like I could really see the
Darkness of the noise drifting
Through the dense air and into my
Mouth and nose and ears any holes left
By God to be filled with the
Sensations of what we cannot wholly
Possess but would die without such
Things as sound and taste and scent and
Touch because it makes us feel
Like we are doing something more than
Feeling though it's nothing more than that

Sunrise parts the clouds and my
Eyes look too eccentric to be real with
Blueness to match the passing
Storm and a gray lining that signifies
The loss of everything and nothing with
Hair painted to make cheeks and a
Look of insanity in my smile as I raise
My face up to the sky as if to
Sing a praise to the new day but
Really mourning what has passed and
What may be my last night of
Drenched sorrow and satisfied
Lunacy to the lunar enchantment of
Summer storms falling atop my crown

My skin has soaked up the wet but
My soul will always thirst for rain