Only Human

Open wide until you die
from something so pure and true-
you're only human, right?

Oh you twist and turn-
labored breaths in the summer heat
begging, oh-begging for that sweet release of
the twists and turns that really
matter on such a night as this.

You're digging your nails into her skin
with eyes wide shut
so that maybe she cant see the hurt
and the commotion of emotion
that's oozing out of your pores.

Sweaty pants sticking to chubby American thighs-
each brand is different but
they're all the same to you.
Oh, you're only human, right?

You're rushing baby
to get the escape, your quick fix
and then you're done.
Now knowing that your ultimate fan is crying-
crying for more.

And I'm watching the scene go down
like a romance movie gone wrong.
I am sitting in the misty blanket
of the tears
and I wonder
if I am doing the same thing.

But we're only human baby.