She finally did it. She finally did it.

Well, metaphorically and literally. And it felt great.

She smiled, giddiness welling up again. She felt like a child given reigns to a life time supply of candy, a toy shop and a magic wand that actually worked like in fairytales. The nirvana and europium basically ravished her.

She was finally here… In his arms. About time too. So sated. Almost unbelieving. For all the unnecessary teenage drama, the angst driven tears of desperation, the endless predictable breakdowns, the late night bitching sessions consumed by self-pity with her inner demons, moments of self-doubt and depression, she was here. Safe, warm and content. And it seemed to be worth it.

Just lying there, reveling in the warmth, simply feeling, no longer hurting or wishing and no longer weary or terrified what the next hour might bring. She made it. Like she had prayed once upon a time. Her heart was full.

She felt his diaphragm contracts behind her naked back, smoothened by his shallow breaths that puffed warm air against the nape of her sore neck.

She glanced at the cheap plastic digital alarm clock sitting solemnly on the nightstand with blurry eyes. Red light frowned 03:00 AM at her. She sighed, a blissful sound swallowed by the darkness.

He shifted subconsciously in his sleep, tightening his arms around her frame, as if attempting to stop her from leaving him. She arched back softly, the grin on her face starting to hurt her flushed cheeks.

She had the strongest desire to hum. Hum a song, anything that sprang to mind. The urge bubbled up and she suppressed silent giggles, quivering as the laughter racked through her.

He inhaled, undisturbed by her body's shaky movements, exhausted from their trysts earlier on. Or shall I say several repetitive.

Her mind flickered back to the previous few months, their rocky past and crossing paths inevitably spelt out by fate perfectly paved before them. She was too untrusting. He was too insensitive. Her nose had a bump on it, her mouth was a bit too big, her ears stuck out awkwardly and she wasn't confident with herself and her body image over all. He had a stick shoved up his ass and drowned in expensive cologne with the words Cocky Bastard, which despite all logic; she was still wildly attracted to.

She remembered all the melodramatic fights they had, almost as if they were staged and acting before cameras and directors. She reminisced all the bittersweet words unsaid between the lines and encounters. She gulps at all the harsh barbs and actions they purposely threw at one another just to stir a reaction. The jealousy, rage, rawness, intensity, loneliness, paranoia, void of sanity. It was all there, swirled in their history, interlinked and stored in her mind. But they were over that now. They finally surrended to humility. No longer proud and selectively blind, by mutual telepathic understanding, the hatred was dropped, the veil was uncloaked and the claws retracted.

A picture is worth a thousand words or so they say. A kiss is worth infinity and sums up all the things that are too stupid to put in a sentence but fit flawlessly into a pathetic love song on the radio.

Time stood at 03:14 AM. A cool breeze fluttered from the gap in the windows, puffing up the curtains and passed over her, reassuring the thought she didn't dare think about – that it was all a fantasy she's dreaming.

She stayed awake for the reminder of that morning, just feeling and thinking, remembering and smiling foolishly. When dawn broke and his alarm broke peace at 06:30 AM, he found a sleepy brunette cuddled in his arms, yawning in satisfaction. He shook his head slightly and slammed the off button on the shrieking black box, effectively restoring the tranquility of the early morning.

Stretching deliberately in slow motion, he scarcely dared to move as she rested her head upon his chest, lulled by the promise his heartbeat sang.

In a few hours, they will walk hand in hand to school and face the rumors and muttering of students. They will be cast off as another cliché of what happens when a hate-love relationship occurs in high school. But he didn't give a damn. Because he got the girl and even if all the agony and impatient torturous emotions he slaved over, it was well worth it.

They'll never see what he sees. They'll never know how sweet the ending can be. And even if he doesn't exactly expect Happily Ever After, he's unperturbed because the girl who stole his heart slept in his arms.

Written because Neil said I always wrote depressing things and this is to prove him wrong! Also, I'm aware that my transition and use of tenses isn't very smooth but I'm not quite the master of puncuation. So that's my excuse xD