On the stairs, he hears her voice.

"Come on, sweets, let's get you out before he finds you."

He freezes, moves towards her. Her hands wrap around something invisible.

"What are you doing?"

She starts, and then holds out her hands. "Mittens caught a mouse."

- FreakierThanThou

Sorry but what do you mean by use these later on as a scene in a separate story? I don't understand, I'm really sorry.

Ha-ha! Lol. Cool story. Nice work!

Blah, blah, blah…everyone is doing well…even though this competition haven't even end yet, I already chose my winner. But I'll see first if there's any more that's even better.

Ok, so some are asking that if this is a competition, shouldn't is has any prizes for those who wins? Well, sorry but no. I mean, yes, there can be prizes but what? I can't think of anything. This is well, just a competition between writers who can write an unbelievable short story at only 55 words or less.

But if some of you have any suggestions of prizes, then just review or message me. -