wake up baby

she shakes with fear in her. curls up smaller, hopes he'll forget she's there. hopes he'll move on. hopes she'll be spared.

no such luck. he's right there, uncurling her, yanking up her dress. he didn't forget, didn't move on, didn't spare her.

she prays it'll be in-out-done, but it's not. it never is. it's long, it's painful, it's etched into her memory forever.

he's tall. he's on me before i can move. my mouth is gagged, but arms are tied behind my head. will i ever leave this place?

after what seemsfeelstastes like forever, he's finally done. she cries, kicks, screams, but what can she do? no one will hear.

she cries louder, screams louder. he slaps her. she pulls her dress down over her knees, and curls back into her ball. where she's safe.

he smiles, caresses her blubbering barely past pubescent face. she whimpers and shakes, while he laughs at the pain he causes.

you're cute when you scream

May 14, 2007

AN: I have no idea why I wrote something so disturbing. It came to be during the literary dinner. The man was speaking about archaeology. I was singing Sense's Fail in my head.