Porcelain Doll

by, Cassandra

You only hate her because she's not afraid
To say the things you only wish you could.
You don't hate her because she's beautiful.
You don't hate her for what she has.
You hate her because she's not afraid to be herself,
No matter what, while you hide behind
Yet another flimsy excuse for a realistic mask.
But you've got to know that she's no different then you.
She's got her insecurities, her impurities, and her fantasies.
She's got her wishes and her misses,
And days that seem to last for years.
You've got to know, she probably thinks the same of you.
You've always got to look beneath the skin,
Because you never know what cracks its hiding.
Anyone could be a porcelain doll in disguise,
And you'd never even know it.