He was the best

the best of the best

look at how his deep green eyes shine

he runs this place

all the underlings know

they can only flicker

under his undying glow

however they planned

and watched like shadows

they memorized his personality

his every thought

they devised a horrific idea

a chuckle

a laugh

in the end

he would be dead

so full of life

so beautiful

he moved with grace

a flash of his peacock feather tattoo

don't you just love him?

Everyone seemed to

they grabbed

he flitted away

full of that beauty

in those whom hurt the most

they called for him

he joined with willing eyes

he looked so happy

he looked so pure

despite how dirty he was inside

they wanted to play a game

to see

who could die the best death

they set the rules

they set the price

when he secured the deal

he gave them his life

he was told

suicide would be the best

hanging from the rafters

with a noose around his neck

his eyes looked so happy

his eyes looked so sad

in the end

he was told

they would all be glad

so he stood on the crates

he smiled

they tore open

half of his mouth


they screamed

all he could was laugh

just laugh when the creates fell

just laugh as he hung like a rag-doll

just laugh as all his pain went away

in the morning

at his funeral

all the guests were surprised

when he opened his eyes

smiled and asked

"who missed me?"