"halfway there"

"Stay good, you're all good kids
And you shouldn't be breaking yet
You don't know what life is
So you'll adhere to us"

You're falling, you're falling
'Cause you let go
You want it, you like it
When you let go

So why are we hanging on?
What's the point in not giving up?
Why don't we just walk out
Of this place, so small and grey
If we've let ourselves go
Then we are halfway there
Then we've halfway given up, anyway

"Work hard, you might get far
And with luck, you may not fault
Remember not to trust
The only ones you've got are us"

You're talking
You're talking back
That attitude, that attitude
Such disrespect

Chorus (Of this place so dead and grey)

So dedicate your minds
Think "Big" kids
But always know where you are is small
And we don't take kindly to big egos

"You can dream as big as you can dream"
But keep it to your sleep
"Work hard to get ahead"
But with few expectations

"You know that we support you"
And just not anything you do
"We want you to make the right choice"
"We want you to make our choice"

Is this what it means
To feel fully free
Is this how we're blessed
We'll never have to leave this mess