The rain pours

Of course

When it rains, it bleeds

I'm so lonely

So lonely, Mike Atey

I cry your name

But the thunder of Earth is loud

They are deafened by it

As are you

My one and only, Mike Atey

Part of you is here

But mostly elsewhere

Will you ever take me in

From the cold darkness

My dream, Mike Atey

Age is shallow

Like the minds of others

Let them frown upon us

I want only to smile with you

My chance, Mike Atey

In shadows of doorways

We hide from their eyes

"Goodnight, speak to you soon"

When will we be free

Our dreams, Mike Atey

I'll always be here

To help you see the sky

Until then, the rain pours

And we're kept apart in the storm

I weep, Mike Atey