"Forever and ever" has been found to be much shorter than said
As the love you once gave me was recovered as dead
And springs come and springs go, as we are taught
In the same that I continued loving, and he did not

And with them away he will go, but she stays here
Clutching at the things that she alone still holds dear
"Immature, silly thoughts" are what she contains
And now she knows he'll never be the same again.

So move on, move up, go forth she mutters
But it's hard for her to believe that now anyone could want her
"It's just your first heartbreak, there will be many more"
And it's a shame to know I'll continue letting my heart be torn

I will be mended by me and me alone
Even when my mind wanders I will not let my heart be overthrown
Words are sharp and actions are the knife
But things will get better and she will go on with her life