A/N: Hey, another song that came into existence because I was just thinking of lines that would be good, and a whole song came together. Ironically I thought of a good fade-out beforehand. Enjoy!


Vicegrip Memories

Remember the misery!
Please release your hold on me...
Strike me dead, agony!
Please stop your mourning me!

Can we long for our tragedies?!
The pain that forced us to believe!
It isn't fair to die for your memory!
But it's the only thing that I can achieve...

I don't care what they believe!
It's not what I want.
I'll cling to this misery,
Because it's all that I've got...

You know, they say it's useless...
Existance for a dream.
Believe, I never wanted this!
Their apathy's obscene!

Can we strive for the tragedies?!
Tears forced us to believe!
Is it wrong to die for memories?
It's not my fault you won't leave,

My head, can't take this!
Silent Scream!
My mind, won't fake this!
Tortured dream!
Never live, for what we give!
And now, we've gave it all!

Forget it...
You know that I can't.
Forget you...
The only one who held my hand?
Can I embrace this?
A life that I can't stand?
Forgive me...
This ain't what I had planned.

A/N: As always, I'll try to keep this brief. Nothing much new coming, 'Sides that and possibly a next chapter for Tainted. Thanks for reading.