I wrote this during school when we were doing our poetry unit, so yeah... Hope ya like it!

I'm Still Here

By The Emo Poet

Why should I care about your needs, when mine don't matter, at least to you?

Why should I help you when you hurt when you don't help me?

Why should I keep your secrets, your fears, your insecurities when you don't keep mine?

You treat me as if I'm nothing, like I'm just another face with no name.

You treat me as if I'm worthless; worth nothing in this game, we call life.

Yet… I'm still here.

After all the words you've said, after all the pain I've felt, I'm still here keeping your secrets, caring about your wants and your needs, helping you cope with your pain.

I'm still here whenever you need someone, whenever you need a shoulder to cry on.

I'm still here…

I'm going to do a series of poetry like this; most of them will be about pain, one or two will be about love, so R&R!

Love Ya! The Emo Poet