Giggles tumble from her
Mouth as pink watermelon
Juices run off her chin and
He licks the stream from
Her neck and says she's his
Fountain of youth and the
Never-ending drink he
Sips on while he breaks
Open her mouth and smiles

She holds his hand and
Dreams bigger than the
Stars that are falling onto
Her skull crashing
Fantasies just because he
Says she can do anything
If she really believes

They are entwined and
Intertwined human puzzle
Pieces broken without
The other one and never
Wanting another one
Because somehow they
Are so suddenly complete and
Empty when the other's
Gone so they stay together
He tells her forever

And she wants to trust
That the world breathes
Two people into one so
Perfectly like it was really
Meant to be goose bumps
With every touch and
Electric kisses made of
Lightening and sugar tastes
Like energy drinks and
Broken things but somehow
Things are really complete

He says she can do anything
If she really believes and
She really believes that this
Time there won't be a next
Time because today is all
That she will ever need