I don't really know where to start, so I'll start with Slipknot. Yup, Slipknot. His real name, we later found out, was Andrew, but Slipknot just kind of... stuck.

It started, technically, in Algebra II, in freshman year. You see, I'm a freak, I think too much, and have awesome grades because of it. So, my mandatory math class was with juniors and seniors, a particularly loud and obnoxious bunch, actually.

A boy (Man, maybe? What's the age limit for mandom?) was seated behind me, and he was unbelievabley gorgeous. He had this...light brown, medium length hair, and startling blue eyes. Lean, but not overly so, he tends to wear a pair of tight (Believey ou me, 15-year old hearts nearly burst when he walked past Bri and I) light blue jeans, and a Slipknot shirt. Hence the name.

Aside from being unspeakabley pretty, he was high-larious. He was very random, and just all-around awesome.

I, of course, told my friend Bri(Brianna) about him; we were both in a sort of in-between gothic/punk stage, so an awesome rocker was...well, awesome. She squeed, and we spotted him at lunch.

Now, stalking is a very strong word, but we always seemed to know when we'd pass him in the halls (I think we may have known his schedule better than he did...). He had lunch hour with us. (In a teeny-tiny school of less than 800 TOTAL, that's a very big deal.)You can imagine the nervousness that revolved around him, the whispers of "He is so hot," the weird glances from our friends who were into clean cut guys, and the many near-heart attacks had.

One day, after the main buzz about him had died down between Bri and I, he cut in front of me in the lunch line. No real reason; not to talk to the people in front of us, not to get further up the line, because we were near the end.

Let me break to explain that I am TERRIBLY shy around people I don't know.

So, anyway, I say, "Cutting is bad.", and he looks at me, with a sort of authoritative smirk, and says "Damn straight!" Then proceeds to ditch me. I turn around to Bri, who is behind me in line, and we both have "ZOMG!" faces. I turn back around, and he's looking at me with this SMILE. So, of course, I stick my tongue out at him, though I'm not sure he saw, because he had to get his tray.

He got it, and dropped a fry on the bar thing. THe cook gave him a stern look, so he picked it up, threw it on my plate, and said "Merry Christmas." Now, honestly, what response is there to that, other than to put the fry back on his tray and say "Happy Kwanza?" Because, that's what I did. He gave me this evil glare, and put the fry on Bri's plate, stating, "It's your birthday", then paying for his food, WINKING AT US, then walking away.

Of course, we were fangirl-y. VERY fangirl-y.

So, next time we see him, we are passing him in the hallway, and Bri and I have our arms interlocked, as we are sometimes wont to do, and right before he passes, the principal gives us a dirty look for PDA. (Noting here that we weren't dating or anything; our principal was insane...) We burst out laughing, then turned because we didn't want to miss Slipknot and Mudvayne (Yep, his friend, who always wore Mudvayne shirts. Or this Cereal Killer shirt.) passing us. They are giggling hysterically, and passing us.

From then on, at that particular point in the day, Slipknot and Mudvayne would walk past with their arms around each other.


If you haven't noticed already, we tend to give peolple that we don't know funny names.

So, anyway, Bri, Megan, Kim, a bunch of our other friends, and I were at a dance (Homecoming? Maybe the Sadie Hawkins...) And, since Bri and I don't (Didn't) 'do' dresses, we were in Tripp pants and ties, our trademark look for that point in time. Megan had brought her digital camera, so Bri and I were taking funny/weird photos and video, being weird because, basically, the music was lame.

Anyway, Bri had an enormous crush on this guy... let's call him 'Achmad'.

(Buffy reference!

Buffy: My diary? You read my diary? That is not okay! A diary is like a person's most private place! I... You don't even know what I was writing about! 'Hunk' can mean a lot of things, bad things. And, and when it says that your eyes are 'penetrating', I meant to write 'bulging'.

Angel: Buffy...

Buffy: And 'A' doesn't even stand for 'Angel' for that matter, it stands for... 'Achmad', a charming foreign exchange student, so that whole fantasy part has nothing to even do with you at all...

Angel: Your mother moved your diary when she came in to straighten up. I watched from the closet. I didn't read it, I swear. )

Moving along, we thought we saw 'Achmad', but it was dark, and his hair was...different. So we spent a good deal of time trying to figure out who it was, by taking pictures with flash. During this time, we nicnamed him 'Weird Al', because he was out-of-place; we didn't know him. Finally, at the end of the dance, as the lights were coming on, I just walked up to him and asked to take his picture.

My excuse? He had a Led Zeppelin t-shirt on. I even said 'Yea, Zeplin!'

He was cool about it; so I took it, then Bri and I went to sit in the corner by the door, waiting for Megan, who was our ride, to pass through the herd of crowding teens. All of a sudden, we heard 'Hey!', so we looked up, and Weird Al was rubbing his nipples.

So started this branch of insanity.

The next week, Bri and I were walking out of the school, and Weird Al was standing there talking to Insane Principal. What do I do? On some sort of mystical, after-school rush every one of my friends seem to get, I scream "Weird Al!" He, of course, looks at us like we're insane, then walks up to us.

"Did you call me Weirdo?" He asks.

I explain a bit about Weird Al, then ask if he's new. He says 'Kind of', so I, in some fog of stupidity, say:

"Oh, well, you can hang out with us, because we're cool like that."

We all talk for a few, then he has to leave.

The next day, I'm talking to Kim and people, waiting on Bri to arrive so I can tell her...something, that I don't remember and isn't relevant... and I'm sitting at a table, when I suddenly can't see, because someone's hads are over my eyes. I assume it's Bri, and just keep talking. After a few sentences, the hands move, and I look to my left to see Weird Al's face no more than half an inch away from mine. He walks away, backwards, waving, and I'm so...shocked. It's just so...unique.

So, Bri and I decide that we should write him a note. Because, obviously, he has to know that his personality is gorgeous, and that he rocks. (Eye-rolling; looking back on it, it's so...juvenile.) So we do, and Bri gives them to him.

Out of nowhere the next day, Bri and I are walking, side by side, and Weird AL comes up in between us, putting an arm around each of our shoulders. This again, is unique. Anyway, he walks backwards, talking to us, then he hugs me, then Bri, and says that he doesn't write notes, so he can't write back.

A few days later, I'm chillin' with my homies (VERY, very heavy sarcasm; I'm SO not fluent in Gangsta.) waiting, again, on Bri, when I feel hands on my face, again, only wiping. I turn around, and Weird Al is standing there, and he says 'I peed all over my hands'. I say something, that, again, I don't remember, and then; "You have to do it to Bri!" He does, and she hits him. He stays and socalizes. Bri, randomly, says:

"You smell good!"

To which Weird Al responds, "I smell good?"

Bri, to me: "He smells good!"

Me, to Weird Al: "You smell good?"

Weird Al: "I smell good?"

Bri, to me, "Smell him!"

I lean in, and he opens his overshirt. He does, indeed smell good.

Me: "You smell good."

Weird Al, sniffing himself: "I smell good."

He borrowed a ring of Bri's.

Later that day, Shanay and I were having study hall in the library, and a Halo tournament is taking place. Turns out, Weird Al plays Halo. Who knew? Anywho, he walks over, and puts his hands on the edge of the table we (Shanay and I ) are sitting at. We all talk, when I notice that Weird Al is LEVITATING. Seriously. I dunno what muscles he was using, but he was horizontal, stomach-down, lying on nothing. Wiggins.

So, he, Shanay, and I walk back to the auditorium, to meet Bri. She walks out, and Weird Al puts her ring on her ring finger. Weird, eh?

We didn't really hear much more of him after that; he transferred again.