Wilt thou stay with me

Through mine toils?

Or wilt thou leave mine

Side at first given chance?

Art thou a stray to

Stay near for a moment

And be vanished the next?

Or art thou a shadow of

Mineself that stayth with

Its keeper for the all of time?

But in turn doth I wish thou

To be beside me

for any time, not a moment?

Or doth I need such a companion?

Thou tryth to changeth me

As though I might shift,

I am not the water to

Part before thou in cowardice

Thou frighten not I,

Mine companion

For thou hast not

Begun with me

Thou hast begun so much

Earlier than that

Thou thinkest that thou

Might evade me

Thou shall not

Harken unto the voice that

Is mine that 'tis reason

For in this storm there

'Tis no refuge

I will not hide, for I have

Been here for each moment

Of this phase that is called